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Which came first? The miracle or the egg?

“Things that are impossible are everyday experiences when you live in advanced states of mind, when you live in a world of constant miraculous awareness.—Rama 00001ac

When I was a kid, I collected napkins. Now that I’m a bit (a lot!!!) older, I collect hats (which have turned out to be very useful during the pandemic), quotes and miracle stories.

The last predilection is especially easy. All I have to do is open my inbox.

When I can, I like to share inbox miracles here on the blog because well, it allows me to live, as the above quote suggests, in a world of miraculous awareness. Why would I want to live anywhere else?

Here’s a fun one that came in this week:

“I’m having the most amazing experience, daily. See, I raise English Labradors as a hobby (they’re my kids), and every week everybody gets a scrambled egg. Plus, I have a Mama Bear with puppies, so she gets scrambled eggs with ham and cheese every morning with her kibble.

“Enter the pandemic. Eggs grew scarce. I reached out to folks I knew had chickens and could get some, but not enough.

“So I asked the Universe for another stream to get fresh eggs.

“The very next day, a chicken flew into my front yard. I live in the country, and the yard is fenced, so she felt perfectly safe from predators, etc. But in nearly 20 years of living here, nothing like this has ever happened. I feed her but she prefers the free range.

“Long story short, Matilda lays me a fresh green egg every morning.

“I know, folks could say well that’s not so out of the realm of possibilities. And they’re right. It’s not, but I’ve lived here nearly 20 years . . .

“And the kicker? She faithfully lays that egg on my front-porch swing. Literally two feet from my front door. Every single morning.

“All I had to do was ask.”

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. One of the places that was open throughout the shutdown here was the farm & garden nursery. In fact, for them, their business grew by 30% during this time. So last week I was there buying some plants. I was telling the person helping me about a flowering tree I had in my back yard that no one seemed to know the name of. So as we went around and I picked out plants, I saw one with plum colored leaves I liked. I said – let’s take that one. When I got home, I took the tag off it to look it up online. Come to find out, it is a another variety of the flowering tree I have in the back yard!! So now I know the name of it. Loropetalum. Ask and you shall receive. Another everyday miracle in my life.

    1. That’s why I write these–so people can know the truth and the truth is we are all entitled to miracles. AND, more importantly, once we change our consciousness, we see them everywhere.

  2. The miracles are my favorite part of your blog posts. They aren’t just uplifting, they’re affirming, and most times, they make me laugh out loud. You can’t have too much laughter!

  3. Thank you Pam, you are such a gift to us all. I so appreciate you sharing your lifes journey we us. I think that chicken appearing on your door step is a wow…and gives you what you asked for ❤. I have loved all your books and have just brought “the course in miracles experiment “…perfect timing for the world. Love from New Zealand Robyn x

  4. Wow! I think this story would be a dazzling addition to E-Quartic. Just saying. 🙂 Pretty sure reading it raised my vibration.
    Much love to you, my friend.

  5. Your book has been very powerful for me. I love you. Thank you. Take care of those kids.

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Pam: As I opened this today, I was worrying about something, and just reading your words and seeing the picture caused my vibration to rise. I could FEEL it happening. Thank you! Hope all is well with you and your angel, Taz. xoxoxxo

    Carol Hennessey
    Legal Secretary

    330 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 2800 | Chicago, IL 60611
    D: +1.312.993.2671

  7. Thank you again and again and again.
    As always, perfect timing.
    I needed this today.

    Truly grateful for all that you do and for everyone / everything.
    My best,

  8. Thanks, Pam! Good one. Oh, the Green egg is the one she cooks with the ham, right?

  9. For some reason I forgot to check my email this morning so I missed this message of yours until now – which is evening for me across the world from you. Anyway, Thankyou Pam for sharing the fabulous story from your inbox. The message and the timing of this is unbelievable for me. (& I see that this message was perfect for many of your readers today too ☺️) Miracles ARE everywhere and all we have to do is ASK! Amen!
    Blessings from Melbourne Australia to you dear Pam 😁

  10. Crushes me that you didn’t know I loved YOU best!!!! I do however, understand!!!! L and R, Mom

    Sent from my iPad


  11. I’m smiling now. This is a wonderful miracle! My daughter just finished reading today’s lesson for us from your book before she took her breakfast into her room to start her work day. She says every so often during the day that the Universe loves her and wants her to be happy. She has been looking for a job she can work remotely so she can be here with me. All of a sudden the CEO decides anyone that can work from home should continue to do so as long and as much as possible. You should hear her giggle in the morning when she doesn’t have to get dressed up for her long commute on public transport. Breakfast in bed everyday and the work is still getting done. The job became what she wanted. It was one of many silver linings I wrote about from this thing that is changing how we are in the world. Thanks so much for sharing this and all you write.

  12. Wonderful. As always. ❤
    I would like to share the image here, if okay, but I don’t see a credit for it. Could you provide one if you have it?


  13. I love this. Now she can have Green Eggs AND Ham!
    Stay safe and be well dear Pam
    ( Taurus smiley)

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