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You can now officially call me crazy

“I have to deconstruct my whole belief system.”—Taylor SwiftCoastal Redwoods, California

When an author debuts a new book, interview requests begin pouring in. I’ve done six in the last week alone.

Inevitably the question comes up. So what’s next? A new book? A speaking tour?

My only guidance thus far probably sounds a bit weird. It’s a deconstruction, as Taylor Swift called it, of a popular belief system.

I’m being called to connect with trees. In this technological age, many of us (and, yes, I, too, am holding up my hand) have forgotten about our deep web of connection with nature.

My plans for 2020 are to visit, commune, hang out in some old growth forests. In the United States, a scant 2 to 5 percent are left. Because we think of nature as a commodity, as opposed to a vital piece of our community, we’re in danger of losing her wisdom.

Taz, as long-time readers of this blog may remember, pointed out that humankind is not separate from nature. Our connection, thankfully, is impossible to sever. She used the example of a grove of aspens. By all appearances, a mountainside of aspens looks like a bunch of separate trees. But in reality, they’re one big organism connected by an extensive root system.

That’s us—we humanoids and nature. We belong together. We’ve been hoodwinked by a story that claims we are independent and autonomous. The earth we inhabit is alive.

And the trees and the plants and the animals all have agency. We’re not the boss. Or at least we shouldn’t be.

I’ve spent years scouring books, attending seminars, sitting at the feet of a wide assortment of gurus. But now, I’m feeling led to learn directly from the life force that exists in nature.

Scientists like Suzanne Simard are proving that, among other things, trees are a lot more responsible than humans. They constantly take care of each other. They value relationships above all else. And as Simard points out, listening to them has the power to change the arc of the future.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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      1. As a child playing the woods you don’t realize the significance. Unknowingly you feel the connection and peace. Thank you Pam and Taz.❤️❤️

  1. Financially not able to go to the redwoods now, so when you are there, breathe deep and just sink into the peace and the resiliency for me………………….and then write of the conversations that you will have while there.

  2. Pam, I just purchased your book on Kindle and the audio version with that. I am enjoying listening to it and will go back in the Kindle version to check out the details of the lessons again. I recognize some of the stories from your blog posts. I like your perspective and it is refreshing to see that you are following your inner guidance as to where to go next.

    I personally have done that, but in the current state of affairs, I find myself caught up in the news, and the fears, of political happenings around me, so I do find it challenging to readjust my state. Thanks for the tools to help me do that.

    1. Yes, nurturing a beautiful state is especially important now. As I always say, focusing on the news (the olds) is like wearing a “Please kick me” sign.

  3. So glad you have decided to take the journey with/to nature. “She” will guide you subtly, answer your most pressing questions, give you wisdom, and give you peace. Nature is where all the answers are, we just have to participate in this wonderful GIFT.

      1. Here’s another sync for ya’ — I’ve been following Eric Pearl and the RH Frequencies since the beginning of the year. No coincidences, but Divine!!! <3 FB/LuckyPenne

  4. Bless your 2020 with trees.
    Have you seen the documentary (I can’t remember if it’s a series or a single documentary) with Dame Judy Dench, with trees? It’s beautiful, reverent, respectful and filled with her love of trees and developing understanding of them.
    I honor your choice this year, Pam. Am a little envious, and very much in awe of your courage and commitment to your Truth.
    You inspire me to listen more closely.

  5. I am incredibly blessed to live in an old growth forest, surrounded by many ancient oaks. I’m so happy that they let me squeeze my house in here to share this space that is home to so much wonderful wildlife.

  6. very timely post as I just finished reading To Speak for the Trees by Diana Beresford-Kroeger. Thank you for this, it’s all fascinating and absolutely rings true!

  7. Dear Pam…just about fell off my chair (in a good way) to see you mention the glorious Suzanne Simard! I’ve had the thrill of working as a writing coach/developmental editor with her on a book she’ll publish next year with Knopf. Watch for her FINDING THE MOTHER TREE, the story of her science and her life, early next year!! It’ll be world-changing…! Bonus: She’s an incredibly good soul as well, friendly, hardworking, funny, everything. –Katherine


  8. Ok, this makes me want to dance, because I’ve been bathing in old growth forest as long as I’ve figured out that’s the place to be. Trees are awesome and help is connect with Gaia and her wisdom. You are the total opposite of crazy 💕💕🌈🌈

  9. There is a tiny patch of a few acres near Townsend, Wisconsin there there are some old growth pines called the Cathedral of the Pines. They are huge and beautiful. It’s been years since I was privileged to sit under them on the dry needles and just absorb their presence in the restful silence. The last time I was there no other person around and I would have been content to never leave. If you can stop listening to the yammering in your head, it’s amazing what you become aware of in a place like that.

  10. I guess I’ve been crazy all my life. I love trees, and it literally makes me ill to see one needlessly cut down or deliberately damaged. I had 4 live oaks on my property that were over 90 years old. I cared for them for 15 years, keeping them trimmed and loved and healthy. A developer came along, and in preparing the lot next door for building, cut all the roots on the trees, 4 feet down and 6 feet from the tree. I had to go into the bathroom and throw up, I was so upset. Needless to say, it not only destabilized the trees, but put them into decline. My only consolation was that trees will outlive humankind and have the last word!! When all our buildings topple and the concrete crumbles, trees will grow through the rubble!!

    1. Yes, it’s a beautiful notion. I remember being taken to a sawmill once on a press trip in Northern California. It felt like a murder scene. I had to take my leave.

  11. Yes!! I’ve been listening to and hugging trees all over the world all my life. I’ve hugged and slept among trees that few humans have seen. (thanks to being an avid backpacker) They are so glad to have someone hear them and sit at their roots.

    Can’t wait to hear your discoveries!

    Love, Holly Jaleski

  12. Another synchronicity! I just picked up my dearly beloved book from the 1980s.
    A Country Year by Sue Hubble. I’m so in the mood to reread it. I’ll bet you’d like it too.

    Judy Gosnell

  13. Pam I totally understand and agree and I spent all my free time in my neighborhood redwood forest. It is my favorite place to be. I have always felt there is more to nature and in particular to the forest than we know. I think many of us know this who love the trees, but the cool thing is, science is now demonstrating this! I love it. I think it is an important and very smart next thing to do! Enjoy and in joy and love. AM
    PS I saw a lovely display of 222222’s as I was thinking of you!

  14. While on your next journey with trees, if you haven’t already, look up Diana Beresford-Kroeger. She is a phenomenal being of knowledge and wisdom. She is an amazing force that has an incredible relationship with trees and plants. Her story is fascinating. She has written several books and has some great videos on you tube.

  15. Hi Pam
    Have you read “The secret life og threes” by Peter Wohlleben?
    If not, enjoy and have great time traveling. 🤗
    Love Suzie from Denmark

  16. Dear Pam, When I first had to have my own conception of God (12 steps), I chose a tree. And to that tree I prayed and talked and listened.
    I hang on your every word and you have often been my ‘tree’ especially as you talk of Taz and how you have formed a new you through her passage. Please read Overstory by Richard Power, life changing novel about the trees in our lives and their messages to us. Won the Pulitzer too.

  17. Hi Pam, I think a trip to Big Sur Ca might be in your future…I live in Carmel incase you would like a hiking pal or a ride down the coast highway.
    Anyway…I love what you posted here.

  18. Pam, what an awesome plan!! I always feel so good when I’m in the forest! I always feel lighter and brighter ❤️🙂

  19. As the self-appointed President of Pam Grout’s Purple Power Fan Club, I approve this message. Let’s all get crazy and swing from the trees. When you come through the Carolina hills (and I know you will!) to check out our collection, including “One of The Largest Old-Growth Forests With 400 Year Old Trees” and the World’s fifth oldest tree(!) ~ give a shout-out to the Charlotte crew. We’ll round up Jordan and his team to join the movement clad in what else? Hornet Purple! LOL

    Mark was a Hugger Extraordinaire like Taz ~ crazy birds of a feather hug trees together!!! xoxo

  20. If you’re officially crazy then so am I!! I think your desire to connect with nature and listen to the wisdom of the trees is actually very sane, and something I think we all could benefit from. I absolutely love trees and am saddened by the devastation of so many forests across our world so we need tree lovers. Tree listeners. Tree planters. Crazy people like you Pam – and like me! Big hugs 🤗 🌳🍁

  21. Ok I’m crazy too! Been talking to trees since reading Herman Hesse auf Deutsch & his words magically introduced me to their language – strolling through tree dense forests, you are not alone! Being gifted with their wisdom is truly worth listening! Go Pam!

  22. Absolutely connect with trees.
    Have forests close to home to run and walk in with my dog.
    Forest bathing for at least 25 years and feeling the great connection to our majestic trees.
    Live in Vancouver Island in Brentwood Bay and are blessed with huge beautiful trees and blessed with my love of connection.
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Feel the energy and stand on a freshly cut tree stump, close your eyes, and sway with the energy.

  23. Pam,
    If you love trees then you are officially invited to the Ness Creek Festival in July in the Boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan! There is a slogan there called “Happy Ness”, created 30 years ago by tree planters. Its organic, friendly, community minded, dancing, music, peace and love. Your kind of place. Check out a documentary called E S S E N C E all about this amazing place. Please come. Love Lila

  24. Hi Pam – As you know growing up in Kansas like me, the state is not simply flat farmland, but most of the towns have beautiful trees that were planted when the towns were founded. No old growth, but some lovely old shade givers. My husband and I moved 10 years ago to Ola, ID which is high desert. But Keith had a vision and our 7+ acres now have 44 fruit and nut trees thriving where only sage brush grew. We’ll be listening to those leafy babies and to what you learn from the ancient ones in the coming year. Great place to practice that rebirthing breath! peace, Shanti

  25. This tree hugger doesn’t think you are crazy even a little. I can’t have enough trees and feed mine fresh compost every chance I get. My house backs up to some HUGE trees and I love talking to them. Also nurturing new volunteers. We can never have enough trees. Deconstructing old beliefs is hard work but my daughter and I are reading each day together your book. If I had handed her the blue book, this would not be happening so I’m eternally grateful for your bright orange book. It’s sitting on the coffee bench in plain sight. 😉 If you are crazy, you are definitely not alone. 😉

  26. You completely changed my whole life with Art and Soul. I’m now an artist mixed media painter in a beautiful new world. Since you’re going the way of trees for your next book I would absolutely love to do a spectacular book cover 👩‍🎨 samples available 😁

  27. I’m so happy you are talking with the trees. I’ve been listening to them for over a year now. It started when I listened to Dr. Hew Len suggest we thank trash when we put it in the trash can. And to talk to a plant in the house. I consult with the trees several times a day and am fortunate to be able to look out on Palm Trees from every window in our home. My daily walk with the dogs in the the woods is my favorite time of the day. I love listening to the trees and laughing.

    Deconstruct was a message for me many years ago from the Goddess Kali who said deconstruction is most powerful as deconstruction is necessary to create something new.

    When I touch a tree, I know I am connecting with all the other trees in the world, and all the trees in the past and in the future. The trees tell me they are the knowledge keepers.

    Thank you, Pam, for another wonderful post. I love being crazy with you.

  28. About 4 months ago I left the comfort and luxury of my “land” home for an extended boating adventure with my partner. While we do have the comfort of the boat, we are constantly interacting with the natural world versus the man made one. It is awe-inspiring. My path is the way of water rather than the forest but it is certainly a path of spiritual expansion.

  29. Not crazy. I’m trying to save a copse of 15 200+ year old coastal live oak trees, definitely some of the oldest in Texas… they’re already surrounded by McNeighborhood and warehouses…but I didn’t win the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House so I’m stuck….The registry folks won’t bother unless contacted by land owner. It breaks my heart/burdens my soul how disrespectful humans have become towards nature. Sigh.

  30. Dear Pam,

    A few weeks ago I bought your book A Course in Miracles and I absolutely love it! What a wonderful way to ‘translate’ the beautiful teachings… Can you tell me if it is going to be translated in Dutch in the near future? I am looking forward to buying them for some very special people in my life.

    Kind regards Sandra de Boer Dordrecht, the Netherlands

    Op do 13 feb. 2020 21:00 schreef Pam Grout :

    > psgrout posted: ““I have to deconstruct my whole belief system.”—Taylor > Swift When an author debuts a new book, interview requests begin pouring > in. I’ve done six in the last week alone. Inevitably the question comes up. > So what’s next? A new book? A speaking tour? My ” >

  31. I love it! Since my return to Washington state in 2013, I feel the amazing energy from trees and especially old growth. I enjoy giving them a big ole hug! Your journey will bring you to Washington. Let me know if you need anything!

  32. As I walked back to my car after leaving an appointment, distracted by worry about crises involving relatives in two different states, I noticed two almost identical white Jeep Wranglers in the parking lot. Even though I don’t have a particular fondness for Jeeps, I impulsively decided that if I saw three more on the short drive home (yes, I read E-Squared), it would be a sign from The Universe that everything is going to be okay. I knew that the stakes were high because I wasn’t just looking for a white car, truck, or SUV. Nope. I specifically had to see three white Jeep Wranglers.

    When I stopped at a red light, I realized I already had driven about a mile but, because I was still lost in worry, I’d forgotten to look for white Jeeps. Anxiously, I whipped my head from side-to-side searching for my sign in passing traffic to no avail. But, lo and behold, when I glanced up to see that the light was green, the car smack dab in front of me was not just a Jeep, but a white one. I spotted the next two minutes apart.

    Okay, Universe. As always, I know that you’ve got this.

    Sent from my iPad


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