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What if there is no bad guy?

One sees things from only one angle, a partial view, which is bound to be distorted; and yet one accepts this view as the full truth.”– S.N. Goenka Businessman holding a white flag flutters in the wind against a blue sky.

A Course in Miracles turns every certainty on its head.

It promises peace of mind. It says that’s my natural state.

It says “good” and “evil” are useless concepts, simplifying and reducing everything to right and wrong, black and white, winners and losers.

It says I even employ this “war mentality” against myself. I  go to battle with my own inner enemies—say laziness or procrastination or a compulsion to eat whole cartons of cookie dough ice cream. Invariably, my default response is: identify and vanquish all inner bad guys.

The Course says “There are no bad guys. There are no enemies.”

Instead of working so hard to find and unseat evildoers, it asks me to question the reality of my problems.

Anybody or anything I cast as an enemy is part of myself. I am not a separate individual. I am intimately related to everyone and everything else.

Waging war only creates the conditions for more war. It leads to revenge, defeat and more acrimony.  If I bomb terrorists, I create conditions for more terror. If I lock up criminals, I destroy communities and breed more crime. If I despise my body, I create stress hormones that cause more reasons to despise my body.

The Course offers a massive deprogramming. It reprograms my mind’s natural tendency to condemn, judge and wage war into acceptance, forgiveness and the recognition that what’s out there starts in here.

The ego mind, of course wants to know how all this is going to happen.

What’s the plan? It likes to ask.

But the Course says that’s just one more misdiagnosis, another subtle war game of exerting force.

The Course says I don’t have enough information, let alone force to outplay my demons. The best tactic is always trust in a higher intelligence. In fact, the less I plan, the less I do, the better.

I don’t have to know how anything is going to happen. I just have to give up the fight.

On a personal note, I should let you know I’m preparing a bunch of goodies for anyone who preorders my Course in Miracles book that makes it debut in January 2020. I’m also actively reviewing pitches for 2020’s 222 award. Thanks to all who have sent proposals. I hope you’ll continue to help me spread the word.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, my friends!

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Have loved all of your other books, so I’m sure I’ll love this one. Sign me up for a bunch of copies!!
    I had attended ACIM intro class at my church and was not impressed with the way it was presented so looking forward to your take on the subject.

    My personal philosophy, developed over 30 years with my jazz pianist husband, is: Life is like jazz. You gotta swing. You gotta improvise. And there are no wrong notes.

  2. Hi Pam, love this post and the wonderful truth you are continuing to spread to all your readers and beyond! I will be ordering your book and encouraging all my students to do the same. We have done the course and will most likely do your new book as a group class! We have done your last 4 books! I’m in PG finally get back to my book, Together Forever, about Sal, my constant companion, and no death, no separation. I hope you are well and I know Taz is your constant companion! Much love Always my friend!

  3. Yes, yes I want the book….happy jumping and hopping around to see and share the new book, can’t wait …..wish it was already in my hands !

  4. I look forward to preordering your book. I’ve started ACIM a few times but never get more than a few months in. I’m working through Art and Soul Reloaded now. I love it!

  5. This is fabulous Pam – “What’s ‘out there’ starts ‘in here’”- So worth further and deeper contemplation. Thankyou. I’d love to pre order your new book. How do we do that? From your website?
    Blessings galore my friend 😘💗⭐️

  6. Hi Pam – How do we pre order your book on the Course in Miracles. I do not see a link available in the below e-mail message, or, on your Amazon page. Have an amazing day!Maureen

  7. First of all, let me say this: I Love You!! I love your spirit, I love your words, I love your writing, and I love your outlook! That being said, how do I go about pre-ordering this new book that I know is going to be AMAZING!

  8. Oh yeah!!! Count I’m in on the preorder for the book!
    Love love love your posts and the reminder to get out of my own way and trust! So timely and just the message I needed right now✌️💗 Looking forward to sharing ACIM with you on a daily basis. Go team go, shine ON everybody xo

  9. Thank you for being you. Never has anyone inspired me more. Of course I will pre order the book and am impatiently awaiting the link. Lol!

  10. Well, you know I’ll preorder the book as soon as possible. I knew you had a book there right at the beginning. The Course was hard to slog through when I first started studying it but you broke it down into understandable language. I’m forever grateful. This is so on target but most people think we are nuts not to want to hurt back. They look at me funny. That’s ok now that I understand. Thanks for following through on a tough project at a tough time. Marlene

  11. When can I preorder your book? Can I do it even if I live in Mexico? I can’t wait for it to be translated. Fortunately, I’m bilingual. I send you a big hug, love and light. I admire and love you so very much!!! 🥰 Mónica

    El 10 sep 2019, a la(s) 4:18 p. m., Pam Grout escribió:

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  12. We can each give ourselves the gift of peace. It is only a thought away. Thank you for expressing it so beautifully.

  13. Thank you! It is the same with Karma. When I hear people say, they love Karma, It is a war upon ourselves. Why would we do that to ourselves or wish it on some one else. Theresa

  14. ACIM Lesson 314 reading today…I seek a different future from the past. Loving this quote today.✨✨✨Love your insights and books, also!

  15. Does that mean no evil? Like jewish concentration camps, Yeman etc etc? I did read your E- square book from kindle and I have reread some chapters.

    I also was so shocked to hear about Tasman and your mom transitioning out so close to each other and so soon. I dont even know you and I seem to have your life events on my mind as to the why, whats going on etc. Keeping you in good thoughts.

    In Love and Light, Shannon Benson, Arizona

  16. Truth. Good, bad, and other labels we love to assign are products of our fear based brain. Designed to keep the human animal alive. But learning how to drop labels, drop judgment, and drop fear that lives within us, allows us to walk with more inner peace. When we have more peace inside, that’s what emanates out to the world through our interactions with others. Then we no longer merely survive, we flow.

    1. Beautiful. Thanks for this! To be human and Devine – experience all of life’s possibilities and tap into Devine love through it all. I love getting this inspiration from y’all💗 Grateful

  17. I read “A Course In Miracles ” several years ago. How does one reconcile “there are no bad guys” with the verse in Psalm 23:
    “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies”

  18. I made an intention this month to have $200 come from somewhere that I wasn’t expecting. The other day I rebalanced my checkbook. I had, evidently, made an error last month and have $500 more than I thought! I won’t be certain until the month is over, but there it is…

  19. How do I pre-order the book?
    Can you please let me know. I love all your books and I’m really looking forward to this one. I have tried listening to a course in miracles from audible and I just have a hard time listening to the speaker. I love your explanations in your books and I know this one is going to be fantastic. I can’t wait to get it!
    Thank You

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