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What the holy bigwigs failed to mention: spirituality’s missing ingredient

“Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence everything is alright forever and forever and forever.”—Jack Kerouac

Molly Ivins laughter

The God most of us believe in is an invention of man, fabricated for the sake of convenience. We accept this human-made God as an indisputable fact. But it makes no sense. If God is love, if God is perfect and if God is all the other beneficent descriptions we ascribe to him, why would he toss anyone into a lion’s den?

And pardon me for being cheeky, but why would anyone in their right mind want to hook up with a capricious and unjust god who gets his jollies from punishing them?

ACIM Lesson 103 is another attempt to set the record straight. It tells us that joy is what we should expect from God. It tells us that perfect happiness is our birthright.

I loved Janet Mitchell’s comment yesterday—here she was having mind-blowing out-of-body-experiences, clairvoyance and psychic ability and the church was schooling her about a puny, punishing God.

How could we have fallen for it?

Far as I’m concerned, one of the best descriptions of the Dude is outrageousness. I mean look at J.C. He was walking on water (when he wasn’t turning it into vino) and he was taking material objects (fish, loaves, etc.) and multiplying them.

That’s pretty outrageous. And that’s what we’re here to do. To be outrageous. Bold. Dazzling.

Dominant paradigms have tried for years to rope us in, to keep us in line. But that’s what we’re undoing with the Course.

What we learned is all backwards. We are not here to play it safe. We are here to be the light. To shine our brilliance. To risk. To love. To spread our joy. Just like Eugene Plushenko:

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. How I love this one, Pam! It’s one of my favs so far. Love when you’re cheeky 🙂
    And ahhh, the Molly Ivins quote! Miss her!

  2. This is GREAT! After you’ve read all of Pam’s books then read HOLY RASCALS by
    RAMI SHAPIRO………Have a happy, crazy day everyone – luv y’all xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I was always puzzled, even as a child, as to how we were supposed to love a punishing, judgemental god. It’s kind of like loving an abusive parent to me. It’s so good to hear I’m not the only one. Sadly, until recent years, I didn’t know I was “allowed” to choose my own beliefs, so even though I didn’t buy into what I was taught, I didn’t know how to create a substitute for it. It’s a work in progress, but it helps to have like minds to help me to believe it is possible. Thanks!

  4. Pam, I can relate to Janet Mitchell. The same was happening to me when I was a teenager. I had lots of mind blowing spiritual experiences. I wanted to know more about the human/divine connection so much I got a degree in religious studies. Studying religion helped me see up close how the men in power have tried to control us. At that point in my life, I kept pretty quiet about my conversations with Divine Oneness. However, one day a fellow student in one of my classes who happened to be from Kenya, asked me if I was going to stay in the church. I told him yes, but I felt and knew that one day I would have to leave. I asked him why he asked me that. He said, “Because you think so differently from everyone else in the class.” Only a few years later my husband and I did leave the church. What we felt to be true just didn’t fit with church doctrine any longer. I’ve never regretted it. We’ve had an amazing journey and I’m so grateful for all the spiritual teachers, like you, who wrote books, and that I found them. You are helping me get rid of lots more old ways of thinking. Every morning when I read my ACIM lesson, I’m reminded that spreading love and joy is my purpose for being here. Thanks so much.

    1. Congratulations for following your heart. My ex-husband received a Master of Divinity and Master of Theology and then started in the PHD program at Emory and then followed his heart and quit. I went to a church Saturday night before Easter and had a lovely dinner, listened to a fantastic band, and then the pastor started speaking. After a few minutes, I had to get up and leave. I prefer laughing and playing on my own.

  5. Pam,  Does this get to you?? The “to” line looks odd so not sure you will see this comment.Anyway, this is Hilarious.  Here is the thing, I LOVE your message and I need to keep remembering tolive it. The video, omg, is Hilarious but you end up focusing so much on it that your message might get lost.Then, here is the ‘on the other hand’….this will get forwarded so many times that lots of others will getto see the message and like the seeds cast on the ground some will take root. Good for you!!Sharon

  6. So very true. I have said this for a few years now. Why would God create everything and then, if He is perfect (and He is), why would have give us a list we have to follow, horrible punishment after just a short time to “prove” ourselves, and demand that we “worship” Him – no sense.

    1. Isn’t that awesome? He’s a highly-regarded Olympic skater and that he decided to follow his heart and “be outrageous!” My kind of light!

      1. Outrageous is right! I spent half the vid with my hands over my face laughing — mostly with amazement! Because it’s really amazing to see someone just going at life, no holds barred.

  7. I have to agree with alexankarri, the video is hilarious. I’m going to save this in my list of videos that help me laugh.

    Sharing this one on Facebook. You’ve said it all right here. What we learned is all backwards. We are not here to play it safe. We are here to be the light. To shine our brilliance. To risk. To love. To spread our joy.

  8. Thanks Pam, I totally love this. 😁And that video perfectly captures the message of outrageousness! Today I’m going to focus on living joyfully and outrageously in love – sounds exciting and delightful and so unlimited and I’m sure that’s what The Super Dude truly wants for us all. 🤣🌸💖

  9. Yes. This! I’m so glad church never resonated with me very much as a child. When I had a direct experience with God (during an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop), it told me all I needed to know. The unconditional love was beyond words and left me in puddles of tears. And that was just the beginning. God is so very much more than words can begin to describe. And the connection was through my own heart. If we taught all children how to look and feel into their hearts, all wars would end within a generation. Loved the video! He beautifully represented our natural state of sexy, happy, flow.

  10. Pam, what you are teaching me is not to take life and the Dude so serious…just like Plushenko. I think I’ll watch this video a few more times 🙂

  11. I couldn’t figure out where you had gone and then realized I wasn’t getting notifications of your posts so had to go to my reader. Going to have to do that more now. I like this for many reasons. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to understand from the age of 7 on. I remembered the in between but couldn’t explain it to anyone and took myself to church looking for what I remembered. It didn’t matter which church, I just wanted to communicate with home. I still questioned everything there and started the turn around when a good friend at church said it was all true because the bible couldn’t be changed by men. That’s when I walked away. We know it has been. I know “The Dude” exists. We talk. I get what I need and most of what I want as well as the lessons I want to experience. No blame, no shame. This lesson says it all. Joy is the answer. Mine is a quiet joy. Catching up now. Marlene Herself

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