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Rewriting my story about God

“It is not until our image of God is corrected that we begin to understand how we sabotage our own happiness.”—Michele Longo-O’Donnell

Before we commence with today’s festivities, I want to answer a question that was posted on my blog yesterday.

Could you give some suggestions on how to forgive the old story?

The simple answer, of course, is quit thinking about it, but that’s rather flip and perhaps not helpful.

So it came to me this morning as one my own old stories was playing out in my head that: a) I had cemented this “problem” into the plaster of my life by believing it was absolutely true and b) that an alternative story (in fact a gajillion other stories) were also true.

And that maybe that field of the other gajillion stories (where an alternative story could be true and a whole different thing could happen) is actually a pretty good definition of God.

And that forgiveness is nothing more than withdrawing my belief in the one story, withdrawing my conviction that this “problem” needs to be solved.

At that point, I can return to the field of gajillion possibilities. Or, to use the old terminology, return to God. Or love.

Absolutely anything is possible. Until that moment I pluck one particular possibility (usually a problem) out of the gajillion possibilities and then whip the bejesus out of myself for having it.

In quantum physics, it’s called collapsing the wave. All of our problems are nothing but waves we chose to collapse out of the field of gajillion possibilities.

So to turn it over to God is to turn it back over to the field where anything at all is possible. Where the wave is no longer collapsed.

It occurs to me that this definition may be just as difficult to understand as the Course often is.  And my goal is to make it as simple as possible. So let me try one more time.

ACIM Lesson 64 (Let me not forget my function) encourages me to bring my attention back to the field of gajillion possibilities instead of zeroing in on one collapsed wave.

My function is to “be the light,” “to spread molecules of merriment.” And it’s much easier to fulfill that function when I focus on the gajillion possibilities (God) rather than the one thing that I just know is a problem, that thing I failed to “forgive.”

This lesson tells me that it’s all very simple–although it begs the question why the Course has used so many words to tout simplicity.

Every decision I make leads to either unhappiness (This problem is real, I believe in it with all my heart) or happiness (Absolutely anything is possible once I return to the field of gajillion possibilities). I prefer definition 2.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. I would like some advice : I have read two of your books and been inspired by you and your words. I do my gratitude diary every day and I boogy every morning as I clean my teeth. So ……how come I feel my energy levels dropping? And what can I do to get back on to the joy frequency? Thank you

  2. AMAZING post Pam- a big juicy whopper! ‘Forgiveness is nothing more than withdrawing my belief in the one story, withdrawing my conviction that this ‘problem’ needs to be solved. ‘ yippie doo! That’s it!!! 😂

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  3. “bring my attention back to the field of gajillion possibilities instead of zeroing in on one collapsed wave”… I so did NOT get this from all the words in today’s lesson, but what you wrote explains it PERFECTLY to me. Thank you for simplifying it into energy-focused terms! My science-y brain now understands.

  4. This is simply brilliant. Today is my birthday Pam, and this post was the greatest gift I could have received on waking, YOU are a gift. xxx

  5. I’m in ACIM, lesson 98. I very much appreciate your interpretations of the lessons. When I read from the book the vernacular distracts me. I understand it, but written in Biblical type terms and from the male aspect I become somewhat annoyed which takes some of the light from the lessons (duh). Plus, I’m not following the reading with the daily instructions throughout the day. At this point in my life, reading the lessons feels like enough although I do understand I am missing much of the benefit. Eh, meh ………… ?

  6. I’m going to read this again several times today. I get what you are saying as I’m a huge reader of quantum physics, I understand what you are saying here but walking around with it, it’s attaching to me at a whole new level! Something about how you explain these makes them more alive and real. Thank you.

  7. Thank you! Thank you/! Thank you! You make the complex simple. I get it! I’m laughing again!

    1. Me too!
      Me too!
      I laughed out loud as I pictured me ‘whipping the bejesus out of myself’
      It’s what I do…but from now on I’m going to remember this brilliant description and laugh
      Thank you Pam x

  8. So basically could we say that if we remember our function – to be the light and spread joy at all times – that it will be easier to see that there is actually nothing to forgive anyway? Because it is only our perception that we’ve been “wronged” or hurt, or that the “other” did something bad or wrong to us. Hmm, I find this stuff quite challenging to be honest! Anyway, I certainly appreciate the Pam Grout perspective on forgiveness and God and the field of infinite possibilities so thanks for the excellent “food for thought” – it’s most definitely a delicious melty grilled cheese sandwich as Janet Mitchell said yesterday 😁👍🏻🌸🦋

  9. Hi Pam! Great!

    I was just talking the “The Dude” and saying this morning, “Ok big guy, I know there is another way to look at this (continuing issue) and I know you have already figured it out and I am open and willing to hear you, so lay it on me.”

    And then I opened up my email and here is your answer that SO CLEARLY illustrates exactly how I can quickly, easily and even gleefully drop this (issue) from my mind and now I am excited to see what that energy turns into now that I have turned it back over the the Big Guy!

    Thank you Pam! I am so thrilled you have continued your CIM explanations because they are so meaty and important, but you make it more fun to read and understand!!! Blessings from Arizona – Hilary

  10. Tx Pam – I am with you about the complexity of the Course and tx goodness you are choosing to be an interpreter but there is something about the simplicity that comes out of the other side of complexity too. I can feel the mind expanding exercise of taking these mind bending ideas and opening them up – that very process engages my mind to look out into that black hole of the unknown and the F.P.

  11. I am so appreciating your daily interpretations of ACIM! Please put them in book form.
    I agree that ACIM uses too many words to say the simplest things and really, it’s all simple.
    I love your humor, whit and simplicity

  12. Excellent post! Reminding myself that what we see isn’t really what we see. Recovering from “what-is-itus.” You get me! Thanks!

  13. I loved your remark, ‘Simply stop thinking about it” And it isn’t flip, it is straight to the point, and most simple! I just tell myself, ‘That is an assault thought! Stop! I am the Light of the World!”

  14. Pam…I’m forever grateful for all your blogs! Please don’t ever stop writing them!
    I got myself in such a pickle I literally don’t see the light at the end off the tunel…
    Part of me knows its not real but for some reason I struggle to see the way out…
    Your blogs, that I always wait for, seem to bring a sense of peace, even if for a very short second….
    Thank you from the bottom of my bruised heart!
    Love you!

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