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Go towards the light

“There’s more joy than I ever knew.”—Mary Karr

I’m not psychic, but I’m pretty sure that 100 years from now (hopefully sooner), future generations are going to look back at our belief in separation and limits and wonder, “What were they thinking? How could they be so misinformed?”

They’ll scratch their heads at our refusal to live in the light, to celebrate our joy in much the same way we look back at the Roman Circuses.

“Are you kidding me?” we think, “How could thousands of people sit around drinking wine and being entertained by lions ripping gladiators apart?”

They’ll consider it a laughable curiosity that we treated ourselves this way, that we chose to suffer when right on the other side of the veil is everything we could possibly want.

And it’s all so easy and natural. It’s just that our beliefs have blocked the light that tries to stream to us at every moment.

ACIM lesson 44 (God is the light in which I see) basically tells us that it’s far more radical to live in the light than to live in despair.

The side effect of this ridiculous notion of despair and limitation is we live at half throttle. By not delighting in our inherent gifts, we actually live out the outdated Roman Circus-like notion that we are weak and incapable of creating our lives.

Future generations will also consider it freakishly odd that we felt so guilty and didn’t have the fun and joy we are entitled to. They just won’t understand why we didn’t relish in our creative powers. They’ll puzzle, “They had this amazing gift and they left it sitting in the corner, unwrapped.”

For what it’s worth, future generations, I’m doing my part now (even as we speak) to get up every day, pronounce that something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today and to spend my day in unadulterated wonderment at all the world’s blessings and miracles.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side

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  1. Pam, I am so grateful to have you “simplify” ACIM. This is my second time around and you are making it more clearer for me. Many thanks from Montréal.

  2. Everything is already in the vortex, we just have to get into alignment or better said,happy! I personally have put so much in, that I finally decided to let it in. To find the happy part, to laugh more, to turn away from the unwanted things! Thank you again!

  3. Taking baby steps into this world you speak about everyday..so want to just take a quantum leap. Trusting that it’s all unfolding in divine order❤

  4. I LOVE this idea of living in the light. Your emails are encouraging me to release my negative, limiting beliefs and to rely on this higher power. Thank you once again Pam:)

  5. Dear Pam, thank you so much for your ACIM posts. I’ve been reading them and listening to podcasts of you being interviewed about your books, and you have transformed my daily commutes! I used to dread the hour-long ride and now I’m excited to get in the car to hear what you have to say about the Dude. I wanted to share how I recently applied the lesson of seeing the world in a different way. I recently visited a social enterprise store in Baltimore called Heartwares by Art with a Heart. The items for sale are created by at-risk youth who receive a portion of the profits. I saw a necklace that I liked; however, the main reason I liked it was because of the smooth stone on which is was displayed. I told the clerk that I wanted to purchase the necklace but was it possible to glue the charm to the stone to make the stone part of the necklace? She went to the work room and came back with the necklace, which looked like a brand new design. She told me that I was on to something and she was going to add stones to more necklaces and call them “The Trudy” (my name). Before starting this journey, I probably would never have seen that rock display as part of the art and I never would have had the courage to ask for what I was seeing in my mind – to even think it was a possibility. Thank you so much, Pam, for helping me see different possibilities and believe they are for me.

  6. future generations will look back in horror as to how our animals were treated, especially the animals people eat!

  7. I’m sorry, Pam. I’m afraid I’m going to have to read this one over and over. We are still playing Gladiator games all over the world and I don’t get it either. But staying in that light is really not as easy as it could be due to antiquated beliefs. I’m going to run this one through the old sieve until it sticks to the wall. 🙂 Good one again.

  8. You’re one of my favourite representatives of “The Dude” Pam and I am sooooo grateful for you 😁 I’m not yet in the habit of boogying to the bathroom each morning to some groovy music or remembering to start each day saying something amazingly awesome is going to happen, but I AM in the habit of reading your posts each day, which is a pretty amazingly awesome thing to add to my day all on its own! And I’m also posting three things I’m grateful for daily on my Facebook page, so I can feel that I’m on my way towards the light and I can definitely see that each day is a little brighter than the one before. Amen 😊 Blessings galore to you dear Pam 💕🦋⭐️

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