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You are incredibly precious

“O God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is.”–Macrina Wiederkehr
god's handwriting
In the interest of time (I don’t want to miss the maple crepes at Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello), I’m going to offer you the beautiful words of Macrina Wiederkehr, a Benedictine nun from Arkansas:

“You are incredibly precious! In the sacred moments offered to you each day, robe yourself with that truth. Linger with it in each new moment given to you and consider how you might bless those you encounter simply because of the truth of who you are. Hold on to your ephemeral staff and memorize these words: I am incredibly precious.”

Being incredibly precious is ACIM Lesson 40 in a nutshell: I am blessed as a son of God.

It’s your invitations to see yourself as you really are. The truth will astound you.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Thank you Pam! I’m great at telling everyone else in my life how wonderful they are, but have always struggled telling it to myself. I read your book ‘Jumpstart Your Metabolism’ and have now incorporated many of the amazing breathing techniques into my daily routine… along with letting myself know that I too am awesome. (Also down 22 lbs. last time I checked!) So thank you again for the many, many gifts you have bestowed on all of us in so many ways! Blessings!

  2. Pam, your emails have been such a gift to me. Due to your inspiring emails each morning I started a gratiude text with my sister in law and a friend each day. I am so grateful to be exploring The Course In Miracles in this way..precious simplicity❤

  3. Pam beautiful post, I love every word as it rings with truth. And the beautiful pic and saying by R.W. E. is awesome! Thanks so much, now enjoy those crepes for all of us! LOL

  4. Thank you Pam!
    Every morning that I arrive at work I have an additional ten minute walk to my office. I posted a picture on FB a few weeks ago of the beautiful sunrise that I witness everyday with the quote “don’t forget to look up every once in a while!”
    Since then I am being entertained by the birds flying towards the sunrise every morning. Gulls, crows, pigeons…you name it. I am so blessed and grateful that you showed up in my life. I am richer because of you. Thanks for helpful me to look up!

  5. Pam, you are well known for your wisdom. Every week I read your words to remind me of human connectedness and beauty – and I am grateful to you, always, for those inspirations. But lately I have felt as though your good words are for those more deserving of them. Because I confess that, at this time, I am very flawed. Someone unexpectedly tried to harm my family. And succeeded. I am angry. And the anger I carry around isn’t a pack I’ve been able to shrug off; instead, it’s more of a growth that festers despite my desire that it go away. This negativity runs counter to my core values. I know I am letting myself and others down by not meeting my own standards of good thoughts and healthy perseverations. I also realize that I owe it to my wonderful family that I act and think in accordance with my better angel. A more realized woman – like you – would be able to find a path of forgiveness and generosity of spirit. I always imagined myself evolving in that direction – and now I’ve lost a whole lot of ground. Because with every attempt I make to find my brighter Jen and cut the anger from my psyche, it grows back. So I suppose I’m seeking reassurance through questions: Pam, does anger make a person less precious? Can a person be beautiful again, in time – perhaps when the anger subsides? Can I learn to forgive though I’ll never forget? Does anger make me … lesser?

    1. Anger doesn’t make a person less precious only human..give yourself a break, feel your feelings..they will pass.
      Wishing you peace.

    2. Anger doesn’t make you any less perfect, for you are perfect no matter what. Your anger is not who you are. It is like a hat you’re wearing. It doesn’t define you. The question is : is it helping you ? Do you need it ? Can you use it ? It is like anything else : a tool for you to use now for what you have to do (and only you are the one to decide what that is), or put back on the counter, maybe for using it later in a different situation. It’s not good or bad, it just is what it is. Think of it as a hammer : good for nails, baaad for thumbs ! 😉
      Hoping this helps you and sending love and light your way.

    3. Dear sweet, oh-so-worthy Jen–I just opened my computer to write today’s lesson and thought I’d read a few of the comments. I just read yours and feel impelled to reply…right this very moment. First of all, it is perfectly okay to be angry. In fact, I call “it’s okay” the two magic words. Whatever it is you feel, whatever it is you think, it’s okay. Second of all, I, too, am very flawed. VERY!!! And I am learning, slowly, slowly, to observe the voice that wants to tell me ‘it’s not okay. I’m not okay.” I think what happens when we ask to see things differently, as the Course suggests, we turn the light on those thoughts that cause us so much pain and, like cockroaches, they begin to scatter.

      And nothing–anger, death, frustration–makes us less precious. We are precious because we are precious. Our thoughts (what the Course calls the ego) will try to tell us we’re not precious, that it’s not okay to feel certain things. It’s okay, my precious, beautiful friend. If for today, you can simply separate yourself from your thoughts (just a little) and just observe them. The trick is not to take them as your identity.

      As we learn to be gentle with ourselves (sometimes the hardest thing to do), we find that there’s no need to “find brighter Jen” or “cut the anger from our psyche.” The Truth about ourselves is underneath it all. It can’t be changed by our anger. Our judgments. Those things are all just normal antics of the mind.

      But for today, just breathe and know that whatever train of thoughts is plowing through your head is all okay.

      Love, love, love.

  6. Incredibly precious? Wow! That’s a beautiful thought to embrace and to live as though i believe it’s true. Amen. And I totally love the first quote from Macrina Wiederkehr. Thankyou Pam. Short and sweet yet mightily powerful. Hope you enjoyed the maple crepes! 😊⭐️

  7. I am rejoicing that you turned me on to the beautiful Macrina Weiderkehr. Thanks a million. I look forward to your posts each day with anticipation!

  8. I just had to laugh, out loud mind you!!! This is the first time since I arrived back from a work related trip to read your post.
    The first thing that hit me was the “I am precious message” and who it was from. I immediately thought of a dear friend I needed to pass it along to.
    The clincher though, was when I saw the ACIM lesson, “I am blessed as a Son of God”. For the past seven days I’ve been on just that particular lesson. While traveling and focusing on work and even since I’ve been back, I just couldn’t master doing the practice session as often as suggested. So everyday I’d try again and wouldn’t let myself move from this particular lesson until I felt that I’d done everything I knew I could to accomplish this! It was just this morning that I’d given myself permission to move on to the next.
    This isn’t my fist go-round with ACIM, I made it 3/4 of the was through the lessons and all the way through every other part of the book another time. Which by the way, I credit with giving me a deep sense of peace and a solid “head-place” to deal with my daughter’s illness. The immense gratitude I feel for having this foundation is beyond words.
    Now, I’ve recommitted myself every day to this beauty.
    I was doing my best to be at peace with my decision about moving on to another lesson, while not feeling entirely successful about accomplishing this one. (I can be a little tough on myself at times.) Your message was my okay from Source to “freakin’ move on already!!!”
    Thank you, dear one!
    I send you warm thoughts and wish you happy, joy-filled moments all day.

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