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A mini lesson in miracle-mindedness

“Miracles are like pimples. Once you start looking for them you find more than you ever dreamed.”–Lemony Snicket 1pa

In the Cook Islands, a bare-chested medicine man with waist-length dreads plucked a black rock out of the river, handed it to me and said, “put this in the north corner of your living room and you’ll become a millionaire.” Turns out curing cancer with his encyclopedic knowledge of jungle botany isn’t all Pa (that’s him in the picture) knows.

Summer before last, I was unloading my dishwasher when my editor at People magazine called and asked, “Would you want to go to a party and interview Blake Shelton?”

Last November, an agent from Creative Artists Agency, the Hollywood agency that represents Viola Davis, Jennifer Aniston, James Cameron, Nicole Kidman, emailed me in Kansas to ask if she could represent me as a speaker.

I hadn’t made an intention to manifest any of those things. What I had done–and what I still do every day —is make the intention to erase all beliefs, thoughts and emotions that block the energy of God.

ACIM Lesson 26 basically says that any thought that’s not of love is an attack upon myself. And not only is it an attack upon my invulnerability (yes, the Course is teaching me that, in truth, nothing can hurt me), but it’s a solid energetic wall that keeps cool things like abundance and partying with rock stars (OK, so Blake sings country) at bay.

Did you get that? The universe WANTS all of us to have abundant lives and party, not only with rock stars, but with EVERYONE!!

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Thanks Pam. I love the idea of just getting clearing the way for what’s already available to us. See the light that is always there. Good reminder… 👏❤️ Lisa

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  2. This: “make the intention to erase all beliefs, thoughts and emotions that block the energy of God” plays in so well to today’s lesson, Pam.
    Again–thank you.

  3. There’s a book here. A “mini miracles” book from all of your followers. Again, thanks for this.

    1. Hello Diane and Namaste to you also – I am also named Diane and often use the salutation Namaste – where are you located? Are you enjoying ACIM?

  4. Blake Shelton is indeed a Rockstar and SO ARE YOU.
    Here’s a rap:

    Her take on miracles, manifestation,
    Universal Love and self-adoration,
    Gives me pep and Joy for the days n nights n moon cycles
    Clarity and fun-ness, abundance; no fear of motorcycles.
    Einstein said that E equals MC squared… because he dreamed and dared.
    That’s the big equation for all of mass and motion,
    and my emotions (never far from the oceans)
    Let’s light up all the nations
    Pam-G’s got the notions….

    Dr. Erika in Colorado

  5. Thank you, Pam! May you continue this as long as it is fun! And I LOVE the chewing gum analogy from the last one!! Hope pickle ball was awesome 😁

  6. It seems simple. I guess I have a long way to go but this makes so much sense. I read this earlier this morning and came back to it for a second run at it. Read the lesson too. Maybe I’ll get it later or sooner. 🙂

  7. Pam, you are the funnest!!!
    And you are are a rock star, in my version of life. Look forward to partying with you, again, someday.! (Somewhere EVEN MORE exciting than Durango!)
    I have had so many mini (and not so mini) miracles, especially because I know to look for them, which you always help in reminding me to do so.
    Pamela Joy

  8. Thank you as always for making my day brighter and reminding me how manifestation really works. Somehow I seem to forget !! Ah the journey…..a process, not an event!

  9. I agree with Pamela Joy – you are the funniest! I just love your delightful humour, and the way you express it through these amazing lessons makes them so easy to understand and so much fun! And if the Universe wants me to party and have an abundant life then I’d better put my party clothes on and start dancing 💃😁 Thanks for the wonderful daily encouragement – it’s brilliant. 👍🏻🌝⭐️🦋

    1. PS whoops……Pamela Joy said you are the FUNNEST not the funniest. And I agree! So you are the funnest, funniest spiritual teacher I know and I love your work. Thankyou so much for sharing you with us 😊💖

      1. Yes, she is all that, and more! We are all lucky to have manifested her into our lives.

  10. My new intention: To erase all beliefs, thoughts, emotions that block the energy of God! Thanks, Pam. Love it!

  11. Hi Pam, I’m a newbie to all this yummy goodness. How do you feel love for a specific situation that you don’t love? I’m helping with an animal rescue today and struggling with how to feel love for the person involved. Thank you so much for your daily writings, they are awesome!

  12. Thanks for all your inspiration! I am grateful that you’re out there showing up and speaking in your charming, inimitable voice.

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