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There is never reluctance on the part of Infinite Intelligence to provide our good.

“Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful they create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.~Kuan Yin


I’m more or less illiterate when it comes to anything electrical. I know what a plug looks like and I know how to attach it to a wall socket.

Beyond that, I draw a blank.

But there’s a device used in electronics that provides a good metaphor for understanding why some intentions are so easy to manifest and why others seem darned near impossible.

The device is called a resistor and basically (All you electricians out there, please forgive my simplistic explanation) what it does is reduce the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit. Resistors limit the number of electrons that can flow past a given point at any one time.

Our beliefs about ourselves and about the way the world works serve as resistors, blocking the flow of the world’s limitless abundance. Our beliefs are the brakes that stop the natural, always-flowing current of good.

Let me give you an example. Most people believe money is limited and hard to come by. That’s a resistor.

On the other hand, they don’t believe health or intelligence is limited. Just because I’m healthy doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy, too. Steven Hawking’s brilliant intellect doesn’t prevent Matt Groening or Steven Spielberg from using their brain power.

But when it comes to abundance, the belief there’s only so much to go around is a big, fat resistor, much better at blocking the flow than tungsten, carbon and other popular resistors.

The other family-size resistor is believing you know how to best accomplish a particular goal. Let’s take traveling, a popular intention for many. Most people I talk to believe the best way to become a world traveler is to get a job so they can accumulate enough money and vacation time to visit say, Cape Town or Monte Carlo or even Denver, Colorado.

I, on the other hand, had no expectations one way or another. I knew I had a burning desire to travel, but I had nary a clue how to make that happen. What I did have is the wherewithal to acknowledge I had no clue. It was abundantly clear to me that if I was going to jet around the world, my only option was to give it up to the universe.

I let it go completely, trusting the universe was a heck of a lot smarter and more abundant than me.

Instead of following the “accepted path” of slaving away and accumulating money and vacation time, I now travel for free. The universe led me into travel writing, an occupation I’m not even sure I knew existed when I first made the declaration that I wanted to be a world traveler.

Money? Who needs money?

In the world of electronics, resistors sometimes come in handy (they can create heat and light), but for me, who longs for a life of ease and grace, I prefer to keep the flow as wide open as I possibly can.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. The Universe is awesome. I have this connection with It which is hard to explain. I have listened to all Pam Grout’s video. Just today, I asked the Universe to prove its existence to me, once again. I asked to see a blue butterfly 🦋 within 24 hours. I live in an apartment with no garden but I didn’t care about the How. I was later typing on my phone and for a strange reason I typed butterfly 🦋 and this icon showed up… I got my answer. I’m one of the most fortunate people ever. Something amazingly awesome is always happening to me. Thank You Universe 😇

  2. Great explanation and metaphor.
    Now…if only I could permanently unplug that resistor!
    The battle isn’t believing in the FP, the battle is keeping the mind from thinking all those extraneous thoughts that bombard our good intentions. What can we do? Just keep (un)plugging away 🙂

    1. i’ve been reading a book that is called “Ho’oponopono” by Laurent Debaker it’s in french in it the word Ho’oponopono is Hawaian word for making thing right or straight. in this book it says that if we can remove the filters of society we can acheive anything (i think) with just 4 words translated in English they become sort of 4 short sentence and they are “I’m sorry”, “forgive me”, “thank you” and ” i love you”. and you say these 4 sentences to yourself you can say these outloud, whisper them or say them in your head.so far i am at chapter 5 it’s the second book of that name this one has a CD with it.if those “resistor” are like those filters we were/are programmed with it might help.

  3. Boy did I need your post today! I’m a big resistor when it comes to money. It’s like a big brick wall in my head. I keep chipping away at it and there are holes in it, but I’ll be glad when it tumbles completely.

    I took a big step after one of your posts some time back. It was about how money and jobs are dating but not committed to each other. I started telling myself that I could get free money. A day or two later, I went grocery shopping. Our local Kroger affiliate, Fry’s has a senior citizen day where everything is 10% off for anyone with a Fry’s card who is over the age of 55. Our cupboard was bare and I decided to go ahead and shop without worrying about how much it would cost. I got $52.09 off our bill because I’m over 55. Then a few days later someone gave my husband four movie passes for our local theater. That was on top of a $15 gift certificate a friend gave us for the same movie theater. Those aren’t huge amounts of money, but I’m grateful for them. They make the holes in my resistance grow bigger.

  4. Oh, Pam!!! I love this post. It is so helpful to hold that metaphor of the “resistor” in mind. For a long time now I’ve been aware that I hold beliefs that love, joy, adventure, and free stuff comes easily to me. I always add, but damn, not cold hard cash. Reading your post gave me one of those, “well, duh!” moments! As long as I have that resistor in place, the flow is limited. Today I’m living into the new belief that love, adventure, free stuff, joy, and money all flow easily into my life! Wheeeee! Your blog posts always illuminate something for me. Thank you.

  5. Hi Pam,

    I don’t know if you receive these emails, but I’m going to try. I have read all of your books, and try hard to use the ideas and exercises. I also bought copies of the book “Thanks and be Rich” for myself and 2 of my daughters. Sarah has really applied the learning – she has had 3 situations where, as she puts it, she put it out there, and it all happened.

    First, she was looking for a new apartment, and knew what she wanted. She wrote down what type of apartment she wanted, the cost per month, and the location within a small area, and sure enough, the next day, the apartment was advertised on line, exactly as she had written down. She contacted the owner who said there were several others interested as well in the unit and he was holding an open house on Sunday. She put it out that she would be the winning applicant, and it happened. There was a problem with the last month payment at her current apartment, and she was going to have to pay a large amount of money to get out of her lease, and she put it out that it would all work out and she wouldn’t have to pay any extra charges, and sure enough, she got a call that her landlord wanted to do some renovations and needed the apartment vacant during the month after she left – no charge to her.

    You are great, and it makes me so happy that my daughter is using the learnings in the book to improve her life. She’s manifesting what she needs. I need to work harder, I realize.


  6. I understand the concept, it’s the how that eludes me. I know I need to match my vibration to my desires and release my resistance to the flow, I just don’t know “how”. I’ve read and love all your books (except travel, lol) and love and try to live by them. My life is much happier and more peaceful since discovering you, Hay House and Abraham/Hicks, (and since I stopped watching all news).
    Oh, another thing, isn’t boycotting creating a “resistance”? Isn’t my opinion just that, mine? Why should I foster it on others, or punish them if their opinion doesn’t match mine? This confuses me since I am trying to say “yes” and “thank you” to Everything.
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi, Brandy:
      Actually, I see boycotting as a variation on what Pam teaches: withdrawing my attention (in the form of my money) from things I don’t wish to see (or in this case, approve of). Back in the ’70s we boycotted tuna because of the millions of dolphins killed in the tuna nets. As a result, today you can buy “dolphin-safe” tuna.
      You’re right that everyone is entitled to his opinion/belief/position, but that doesn’t mean there should be no consequences whatsoever for that opinion. If I choose not to patronize an establishment that espouses opinions I find abhorrent, that’s my right. I’m not foisting it on them, I’m objecting. They’re perfectly free to keep thinking/doing whatever they like. You call it “punishing” them. I call it freedom: my freedom to do what I like with my money.
      Suppose someone made a racial slur, and your black best friend was standing there. Would you object then? Do you have a right to object? Do you even have an obligation to object? Does that mean you’re forcing your opinion on them, or simply stating your own position?
      I forget who said it, but I’m reminded of a quote: “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to remain silent.”
      You can say “yes” to what you see in front of you, but still want to, and work to, change it. Otherwise, why are you reading Pam’s books, Hay House, Abraham/Hicks, etc. Why did you ask “how”? Without change, people and societies stagnate and die. Boycotting is simply one tool people can use to effect change we wish to see.

      1. Thanks Pat. You’ve made some very good points. I see what you’re saying. Your right, boycotting has its place.
        I’ve always been more comfortable with, “live and let live”. That’s why the boycotting was a bit sticky for me. I may be on the wrong track, but I am not out to change the world. I am attempting to live peacefully in it, as it is. It’s sort of like body image issues. If one is overweight are they wrong to not want to change it? Especially if others aggressively suggest they do? What if they are content with their situation and accept themselves as is? Yes there are consequences to holding an opinion that doesn’t coincide with the popular thought, but I just don’t feel it’s up to me to get to decide. Maybe my friend thinks fat is beautiful. Of course if someone insulted her (ref to your racial slur), I would find it offensive, but I would allow her the freedom to defend herself before assuming that I should.
        Now that I’ve blathered on about it, I will tell you I have taken the stand to not patronize a place for various reasons, but I always question it. Do I really have all the facts? Was this just one person or is it institutional, etc.
        Anyway, I so appreciate your response!!
        Peace to you, and my best regards,

  7. Hi Pam, I would like to say “thank you” to you and to the Universe having given me the idea to buy your books and to write this one comment. It gives me hope when I read all of these wonderful things the Universe creates for us and every day, almost around the clock, I’m trying to be grateful and to attract the miracle I’m waiting for. I agree, that it might not yet be working for me (hopefully soon) because I’m blocked because of my long-term depression, I feel isolated and alone within myself.This book (and e-squared) helped me at least to “start” thinking differently and to have hope again. My positive thinking doesn’t last for a long time and the black hole is always coming back, but I’m trying hard.
    However, there is one thing, I’m wondering. In E-squared as well as in Thank and grow rich people are attracting “objects” or things which concern money matters. For example, a car, a vacation, a job, etc.
    I am seeking for something completely different and for the moment I have not read one single comment or blog post concerning “heart” (love) matters. For example, if you wish that a special person shows love to you or if you wish from the bottom of your heart that this special person has eventually the courage to make a step “forward” in your love relationship. Something like this. I’m not talking about “we all love each other…”. My question: Can we only attract “tangible assets” or also not material-dependent things? Sorry, if I did not express myself correctly…

    Thank you for your kind help, wherever replies.

    1. Hi Lissy, I replied to a similar today, hopefully it helps:


      It sounds like you are trying to get the affections of a certain person. By focusing on those traits you want in a person either A) This person MIGHT step up or B) someone else completely just as wonderful will be more than willing to fit what you are asking for. Be open enough to allow anyone in to fill that role. It may not be the person you expect.

      Best wishes

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