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I vote for love

“Use the present to be free.”—A Course in Miracles


The emails imploring me to comment on the election are starting to pile up. I’m getting questions. How can we be grateful? What do we do now?

So I get it. Tag, I’m it.

My Course lesson today is “I seek a future different from the past.”

And what an opportunity I now have to let go of the past.

The past tells me, “Uh-oh! We’re in trouble.”

But what if that’s not true. What if it’s only the judgments I’ve imposed that are creating a scary future?

If it’s really true that we live in an intelligent, benevolent and connected universe (and I happen to have ample proof that we do), I can relax and know that there’s something a whole lot bigger going on.

How do I know really, here with my crazy little mind, what’s the best thing for our world?

Politics get us riled up, make us believe we’re doing something important, but I find that when I come from a place of positivity and possibility, when there’s peace in the planet of my own mind, change happens without my input.

Political changes are superficial, at best, and to get so worked up over them–or even to hate our opponents–only causes more of the division and separateness that we want to overcome.

Although I loved (and even quoted) Michelle Obama’s line, “When they go low, we go high, I’d like to take it one step further. There is no “they” and “us.” It’s we, all of us together.

And there are lots of ways to change the world.

First of all, today is a beautiful autumn day. The sun is shining. The sky is bright blue. The squirrels are still running along my garden fence.

Why would I waste even a moment worrying about the future?

I often compare the hours of my day to buying a pizza. Why would I eat a slice or two and then throw the rest away? Yet, that’s what I do when I waste the precious hours of my day obsessing about something that may or may not happen.

My Course lesson goes on. “I have no purpose today except to look upon a liberated world, set free from all judgments I have made.”

I liberate the world today to be what it will be.

And, yes, I continue to be infinitely grateful.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Very nice article. As I was driving onto the island the day of the election a voice came into my mind and told me that Trump would be elected and would turn out to be one of our highly regarded presidents. It was so unusually amazing for me that I took note of where I was and told my skeptical husband when I came home. Best of luck. Susan

    1. Wow. That’s pretty cool. I follow kabbalah and numerology and Trump has ‘7’ showing up and having to do with his age, the number of the date of inauguration and … a few other auspicious dates. I’m not brave enough to voice this to anyone at this time. I’m glad I might share this with you. So we shall see!

  2. I cast my vote the way my conscience dictated, and then prayed for all votes to do their highest and best good. I’m with you…I’m imagining a world made better by the outcome of this election and believing in a benevolent Universe. Just because we cannot see it right now doesn’t meant even greater things are lining up!

  3. I’m laughing heartily for the first time in 2 days. My ACIM for today is “I see all things as I would have them be.”
    Same thing. I see only love and possibility. I see opportunity. I see brothers.
    Check out this Sadhguru address from Chicago in October: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3Y2PKiWMRs&feature=youtu.be
    With love and joy,

    Jeanne Hess
    Kalamazoo College
    Professor and Chair, Physical Education Department
    Volleyball Coach
    Author, Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games
    Coming soon – Maxability: Who Are You, and What Are You Here For?
    269-337-7086 office
    269-207-4133 cell
    “Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another.” G.K. Chesterson

  4. Namaste. You said what I said all yesterday to such angry people asking me, the Canadian to listen to their disgruntled angry opinions on both sides of the political drama.

    My God loves everyone. My God has a bigger picture I may not be able to see, but I must trust Him.

    My choice is to focus on love and sent them and both parties love and light.

    Hate is such a bad four letter word. Love is such a warming four letter word. Which do you choose to feel?

  5. In 1980 when I was young and foolish (I’m older now ;), I was so upset that this “actor” had been elected. Weell, he worked out pretty good. Let it go, the only one who makes any real difference in your life, is you.

    1. Sorry, Walt, and with all due respect, I can’t let a comment like this go. Reagan was a disaster for the middle class, from which we’ve never recovered, and I say this as someone who benefited from his bloated defense budget. I was working for a defense contractor at the time and we couldn’t count the money fast enough. But he broke the unions, and wages have been stagnant ever since, which is one reason so many otherwise good people voted for Trump. The expression “it’s the economy, stupid” held true in this election, because people are still hurting and were induced to blame immigrants.

      In addition, interest rates during the Reagan administration were through the roof. We bought a house in 1983 and the interest rate on the loan was 19%! And our credit was excellent. The Soviet Union collapsed under the economic weight of its 10-year Afghanistan occupation (a lesson we didn’t learn), not his “tear down this wall” rhetoric, and our support of the Afghan mujahadin led directly to the Taliban. And of course there were the 270 Marines killed in the Lebanon bombing, and I could go on and on.

      Mr. Reagan’s legacy has been whitewashed by a certain political party, and those with short memories have been caught up in the mythology.

      My consolation in the results of this election rests in the fact that, at 64, I’ve lived through Nixon, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes, and the nation has survived. There has been untold suffering and uncounted deaths at home and abroad attributable to each of them, but collectively, we’re still here. The Trump years will hurt a lot of people, but as a whole, we’ll survive. The good thing is, maybe people will wake up and seek a different direction once they see the damage he does. And maybe the opposition party will stop trying to be a weak shadow of the other party and return to its roots: helping the non-powerful.

      1. apparently the majority of people did not “vote for love”, but we need to consult the Love within us on what is the next best action

  6. I was reading the same lesson and thinking similar thought – especially ‘how can I know my thoughts are true?’ That I know what’s best for our country in the BIG divine picture. You said it beautifully Pam.

  7. thank you now how can i convince my mother to stop talking about the election (we live in Canada ). btw I’d like your opinion (Pam and anybody else) i am writing a book (but i haven’t wrote in it for a while) it’s an amalgam of many things but one of the things i talk about is what i call my reality flash. Imagine that you are walking on a path that passes by an old abandoned house, you have seen it like thousands of time but one day look at it and you ask yourself what has change except nothing has changed but you see it as though you see it for the first time. to me that’s a reality flash and excuse me if i already posted it. if not what do you think?

  8. That was a great, balanced post – thank you. As you know, the energy you put into the universe is what you get back in return. For those who are now scared, weak and powerless because Trump was elected president…well maybe they should be scared. But it is their energy that they should be afraid of.

    How I wish you could go on CNN, Fox news, etc and share this with the world!!!

  9. Thank you. We are in this together and I expect the best. I add my energy to the best outcome and allow it to come to fruition. When someone starts on me saying to me that I am too ‘pie in the sky’ I tell how much I truly enjoy my friends who think differently and hold different beliefs and opinions – isn’t it wonderful we all have our own way of ‘seeing’ or what we actually seek to affirm in our external world. It’s amazing how it all chaos comes together in perfect order. “I vote Love” too!

  10. Your words were absolutely spot in in regards to the election outcome and I had the exact same mindset. Peace begins with me, and if the collective made sure that each day peace was their impetus, then it will have far reaching ramifications on the entire world.
    Thank you for your words of peace and HIGH vibration.

  11. Thank you Pam! I let out a sigh of relief when I saw your email in my inbox. I listen to portions of “Thank and Grow Rich,” and “E2” every morning on my headphones, and it helps me sooo much! One thing that I have been grateful for in the events past couple of days, is that it has forced me to truly be present in the moment. Tasks that can sometimes be mundane are now blessings.

  12. And so it is! Thanks, Pam, for reminding us that since we are all ONE, we are all winners each and every day!

  13. Excellent article, Pam. Thank you. What’s done is done but we can all send as much love and positive energy to Trump and hope that he chooses a strong and wise cabinet to guide him. This is a great opportunity for all of us to start walking the walk and focus on the best possible outcome for all. You have certainly given all of us enough proof that the power of positivity can literally work miracles. Now is not the time to back away from that belief. This IS the time for miracles and we all have a part to play.

  14. On Lesson 48 of ACIM “There is nothing to fear” add that to your note and everything is going to be fine.

  15. My new daily prayer is: my god bless trump and guide him to take action that benefits all. Thanks for today’s post.

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  16. Thank you Pam- this is THE way! staying in the state of gratitude and love to send positive energy out into the world. It works!

  17. Won’t say anything about politics here, but that we are all in good hands: The Hands of the FP! No matter how the election turned out, we go on every moment in joy of living! Allowed myself to digress into a stress over the whole thing, recently, and ended up with severe spinal pain over it. Just got home from a chiropractic adjustment, with laser therapy (WOW), feel much better, and commit to less stressing as I see where it can take me if I let it. Lesson learned! Have a blessed day!

  18. Your optimistic and every present in this moment attitude are heartfelt! Inspire more folks…Thanks for your vote for Love!!!
    Pamela Gassaway

  19. Reading – Thank and Grow Rich – So Cool Pam!
    ” What if those problems we’re so busy solving don’t actually exist ?” pg.60
    We can change our vibration at any time. What an awesome opportunity.
    Elaine Webb

  20. Perfect words, Pam. I told myself and many others, before the election, that this was the position I was going to take, regardless of the outcome. And part of me hung on to it (I even wrote “I choose love” on the special board at the restaurant, yesterday morning), but I allowed myself to wallow in confusion, shock, uncertainty and yes, some fear, yesterday. I feel much better today, and with your perfectly articulated e-mail, I move forward with optimism and emit good, positive energy into the Universe, as I had promised myself I would do.

  21. Thank you, Pam. That wasn’t so hard now, was it? (And you are only “it” because you earned it.)

  22. Thank you, Pam! Alright…I’m ready to eat the rest of that pizza now! I do believe that we all need to go as high as we can possibly go. And, why not? Much appreciated.

  23. Since I have just finished reading Thank and Grow Rich and remain in the study of seeing the divine in all, the election result created a bit of a conundrum for me. This awareness that we have been given supreme authority to choose in each moment how we will experience our circumstances, just butted up against the idea that I was also really pissed off that this hateful, racist, sexist person was elected. So, I allowed myself to wallow in it yesterday with the full knowledge that I would not stay in that state but allow it some girth to pass on through. Letting it be, I awoke this morning feeling my usual silly self and started getting all these images of how it might all work out. What if “the Donald” got caught sneaking into the room with “the button” that he has been wanting to push and got caught, just as his stubby, little pterodactyl hands were reaching in, and it was horrifying enough that he had to be reigned in and released out to pasture by virtue of impeachment. Or what if after attempting to actually do the job he is so unqualified for that he simply decided to pout and refuse to do it and quit. Yah hoo! Or what if he offended enough heads of state that he is forced to step down. Or what he if got mad and took all his toys and left when he discovers that the president is not a dictator and there are checks and balances is the system to prevent an overstepping of power. Weeeeee!

    What if everyone recognizes that the racism that has been denied all this time really is there and we decide to admit it and actually make a change? It is comforting to know that he did not get the popular vote; most people do not back his agenda. All the nationwide protests, though they will not change the result, will at least show the rest of the world that not all Americans support his hateful agenda. And, per Twitter ,the demographic of 18-25s was almost entirely against his agenda. Wow! When we as a country tap into that, we can be amazing in what we create! So yeah, the Field never left us, and I am glad to be back in alignment with reminding myself of all that is still right, and shine a light on what we can change and have fun and love in the process.

    1. While I agree with most of what you’ve written, please, please, please don’t wish for his impeachment or any other type of premature removal from office. His vice president, believe it or not, would be even worse. Please look into the man’s background. It’s very scary. I, for one, will be hoping he serves out his four-year term, and that in the meantime the loyal opposition gets its act together, not only at the presidential level, but in state and local offices.

      Meantime, we can hold a vision for a more just, fair and prosperous country, and work to make that happen, as I said, at all levels of government.

      As I said in response to Walt, above, I’ve lived long enough to see some terrible presidents, but somehow we’ve survived as a whole. We’ll survive this one, too! I can only hope he doesn’t hurt too many people in the meantime. It’s up to each of us to make sure that doesn’t happen!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I have been struggling and your words really help me find some peace. – Kris M

  25. Great article and I completely agree. Even a few hours, after my first reaction of being shocked about the outcome, I decided to be grateful for it as maybe now the world will wake up even more. And yes, I continue to be grateful every day and concentrate on the positivity in my life.

  26. Yes, indeed. I was in a state of shock and sadness on Wednesday. I started coming around on Thursday and realized that I can do nothing about the situation. There’s a reason this happened. We don’t know why yet. My hopes and prayers are that this country does not take several steps backward. We need positive energy going out to the universe. There is hope.

  27. Bravo Pam,
    It was once suggested to me to stop projecting 40 different ways how something bad could happen. This was an infinite awakening for me to look within and stop the insanity. Everything starts within and only I can choose fear or trust with how my day begins. I have chosen faith and trust in my journey and besides, no one can upset my state of being without my permission.
    If we all send love and light from within to the outer universe nothing but love comes back 3 fold.
    Even those from the Patisan media will feel it 😉 xoxo

  28. Thank you Pam for your continuing inspiration. It is deeply appreciated! I also vote for love.

    Here’s a music video I released under my son writing persona dexter winklemeyer and my band “The Bliss Monkeys. Maybe one day you’d like to join us to add vocals or spoken word or ???

    Four Little Clues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0wKPU4Kf8Y&feature=em-upload_owner A message Mr. Trump and all of us can take to heart.

    Shine your light! Kim Saltarski 1.416.716.6292 http://www.amazingaintitmusic.com


  29. I read a beautiful article by Zera Mahoon yesterday that was talking about the election and how she was trying to help her adult daughter. What struck me most is how Zera made the case that Trump winning was a great example of LOA at work. He totally believes in himself. He doesn’t care what other people think.

    What can we do now? Focus on ourselves, focus on feeling extreme gratitude, focus on thinking and feeling good and positive thoughts/emotions.

    One man cannot destroy our nation. And, maybe – just maybe, all the horrible terrible things he’s said about women and minorities is the wake up call we have needed to help make the world a more equal, kinder, loving place.

  30. Hi Pam , I’m a huge fan of you and your books. I have a very serious question and I’m sure I am not the only person who is faced with situation . I have been a student of the ” Secret / HP for many years it has been very benifical in my overall outlook on life . The challenge I face is that I live in a very negative environment , whch is difficult to ignore , i am out numbered 3 to 1 by my husband and children . ….. How do I manifest a better life for my family when I can’t get them on board . My positive attitude is becoming a major problem in my marriage . Help !!!!! Michelle Raposa

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  31. Thank you Pam. I feel better now! President Elect Trump may turn out to be the best President ever. I am British by birth ~ American by choice. I’ve never regretted a single day of living in this wonderful Country. Love is all there is…….

  32. Dear Pam I am writing from Turkey. I read the e2 last year and as an engineer I like it. I read it two times and i did the tests. But i have still some problems. I can apply the method for basic things and it works generally. But i couldn’t manage to get the big things. For example. I want to change my job. Because my new manager is very agressive and respectless. But i have been work there for twenty years. I don’t know how i should dream for new job. Should i dream for the new job each day. Should i dream as if it happened. I think my thoughts and feelings breakdown my energy wawes. For example while i was looking at the advertisment in the career sites i feel my self hopeless. I need to an explain for the methot. Could you give me a way to dream. It is not clear on me in the book. Thank you. Loves Yasemin

    10 Kas 2016 21:20 tarihinde “Pam Grout” yazdı:

    > psgrout posted: ““Use the present to be free.”—A Course in Miracles The > emails imploring me to comment on the election are starting to pile up. I’m > getting questions. How can we be grateful? What do we do now? So I get it. > Tag, I’m it. My Course lesson today is “I se” >

    1. Hi, Yasemin!
      I have exactly the same problem. I can get all the butterflies I want, but the really important stuff (so far) stays out of reach. I think that’s the key: It’s really, really important, and our fear that we won’t get it stops it from coming.
      Just last night, I was reading this from “The Neville Reader”:
      “The only condition required is that you believe your prayers are already realized. To pray successfully then, you must yield to the wish, that is, feel the wish fulfilled.
      “Whenever you are in the state of mind, ‘I should like to but I cannot,’ the harder you try the less you are able to yield to the wish.
      “You never attract that which you want, but always attract that which you are conscious of being. Prayer is the art of yielding to the wish and not the forcing of the wish.
      “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. You need no helper to give it to you; it is yours now. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled. As the end is accepted, you become totally indifferent as to possible failure, for acceptance of the end wills the means to the end.”
      His name was Neville Goddard, but he went by Neville (he died in 1972). Try to find a copy of the book (I just checked–Amazon has 11 copies).
      Also re-read E2, especially Experiment #4.
      Good luck!

  33. this morning around noon i read the 2 steps of the AA 2.0 and i said what you said in the first step i add and unexpected amount of money comes to me everyday. Some evenings i say ” something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me tonight “. when i bought your Thank & Grow Rich through Amazon i got the thing as when i bought your E Cube and that is i got 2 copies of each (received them a week separately) and i did the same thing i gave the second copy to my sister. when i gave the E Cube book my mother said it was as though i gave her 100$. the second time i gave the T&GR book i was working and when i call my mother on my way home, my mom asked me how much i paid for the book, i said i forgot why? my mother said my sister gave me 10.00$ for it.

  34. Thank you, Pam, for the article. To be honest, I am still struggling to find my joy post-election. So many calls to ‘be at peace’ over this. How can I be at peace with a racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe? At 64 years of age, I find that I must once again join the rallies… conscious not to fight against something, but rather to promote civil rights, inclusion, equality… So weary of this heartache…

  35. Thank you. I have been putting out (non-existent) fires all week. I had already made up my mind that regardless of the election’s outcome that I would be more than fine. Here in Minneapolis, the weather has been awesome with a full moon to match, and life really is good!

  36. Thank you and well said!
    It is incredibly easy to attach ourselves to the outcome we desire when in reality we don’t really know that the actual outcome isn’t for our highest good!?! Either way we can choose to make it a growing experience. When the outcome isn’t what we hoped for we have a challenge to get more involved than we originally thought we would need to 😉 Here’s to a pursuit in growth through unexpected (or at least unhoped-for) outcomes!!!

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