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Is it time to tune into a new radio station?

“At every point in time,
there are infinite possibilities
and a parallel reality exists for each possibility.”
–Daniel Jackson, Stargate

Imagine this? A foreign exchange student from a tiny African village with no running water or electricity comes to the West and gets dropped off at a hotel room. The hotel maid, who has a giant crush on George Strait and loves to listen to the local country and western station, forgot to turn off the radio when she finished tidying up the room. Hours later, the student walks into his first hotel room ever to find a radio playing non-stop country and western music and loud, obnoxious ads.

He much prefers the drumming of his little village, but unfortunately he has no idea that a) the radio has an off switch or b) that, at any time, he could simply move the dial to a different, more pleasing station.

Hopefully, the above scenario has never happened, but it’s a perfect metaphor for life. An extensive line-up of music stations with an immense variety of options is available for anyone with a car, a boom box or a computer with Pandora.

Life, too, offers a dizzying choice of consciousness options. We can choose joyful thoughts or thoughts of fear. We can choose to celebrate or worry. The station we tune into is completely up to us. It’s the most important decision we ever make. Our consciousness channels create the quality of our life.

Most of us are like the exchange student, stuck on one channel and unaware that, at any time, we could pick a different reality. We are the captains of our fate, the master of our mind’s channels that all too often get stuck on an endless loop.

Before long, we start believing that reality is nothing but the loud, obnoxious C&W station playing in our consciousness. We fail to realize that a) there’s an off-switch, b) there are lots of other channels and c) the world only appears the way it does because, in our ignorance, we chose the wrong channel. Isn’t it time to change the dial?

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. I know the Universe answers my every question! Recently my mum and I were in a car accident and she was badly bruised and later developed a DVT in her leg. The leg swelled to double the size and then turned red and raw. She felt very ill and depressed. I was sick with worry and asked the Universe if she’d get better as I doubted she would. The next day after looking after her I walked down the road in tears and begged for a sign that her leg would heal. Immediately I saw 3 cars whose number plates read MUM-LEG-YES. I had my answer and now she is almost back to normal. I took photos of this to prove to sceptics that I was telling the truth and I can send if you like.

  2. Just want to say thanks
    I feel like today’s message was just for me and at the right time. I just became a landlord for the first time yesterday and have been nervous and fearful of all the things that could go wrong but I just need to change the channel and look at all the things right with this decision. Thanks again. You touch people more than you know.

  3. I know I fire off these messages to you, not knowing if you read them, but here I go again. YOU make a huge difference in the world, in my world. Plus you are one fun chick and always lift me.

    Sending my best vibes,


  4. I love to read all your posts. They make me feel so much better, but I don’t know what is happening. The more I try to think and choose better and positive thoughts the more negative thoughts come into my head. How do I get rid of them, how do I stop doubting. 🙁

    1. Same here! It is a habit I am beginning to foster-positive outlook with thoughts under my control. Try Saying: “STOP” to the – thought, then find a good repeatable positive replacement thought like
      ” I am loved, or this is better now , anything to get that blasted – thought out of your head You will develop a habit of this in short order. It just takes a few sessions like this, and it becomes part of you. Good Luck!

    2. Think of those negative thoughts as coming-up to be released. Then imagine (choose) letting them go.

      Struggling against them is what resistance is, and keeps them in place. They have absolutely no power except what you give.

    3. Recreatingmyself, whenever we change our thoughts to raise our vibration, more often than not (it happens with most everyone at first), we may find ourselves bombarded with negative thoughts – like they’ve come out of left field to sabotage us. But remember, this is a ‘good’ thing. You’ll find that these negative thoughts aren’t new, that you’ve thought them before and probably over and over again. What’s happening is that with your resolve to think better thoughts which has raised your vibration, all kinds of old lower-vibration thoughts may come to the surface, into your awareness so you can confront them, clear them, change them into better thoughts, e.g. “Nooo, that’s not true, because I AM worthy and I AM up to creating this life I want. I do have the power, and the Universe knows how to make this all unfold.” See what I mean? Don’t let the bullish negative thoughts run your new higher vibration out of town. Remember: everything is FOR you. 😉

  5. Love your books and posts Pam – but not today’s analogy! i love C&W music and play it loud and dance to it by myself, it always lifts me up.

  6. Pam-I spend a lot of time laying down, or sitting in front of my screen.
    I am recovering from surgery and stroke. Your posts give me great wisdom and the strength to keep going when it is tough now, but it will get better!

  7. Wonderful post, Pam! Needless to say that it is exactly what I needed to convince my deepest self to make a big change in my life. Last week I’ve made the decision to change everything I don’t like in my life, but I still was in doubt that it really could be possible… Every time I read your posts I feel like you read my thoughts – and it seems I’m not the only one!

  8. I am SO tuned in to this and needed it today! All day, I have been tuned into WTHM (Why is This Happening to Me) LOL….. I am definitely switching gears and channels to WOW ! Look at all that has happened to me and FOR ME and with me! Seems so selfish and silly when I look at how blessed I have been and then go back to woe is me … silly silly stuff.

  9. Dear Pam,

    Am rereading E2 and I have a question about experiment 3. Where I live, in Norway, metal clothes hangers seem to have gone out of fashion. I am having trouble finding metal wire at all. Is there anything else I can use other than metal wire?

    Also on this rereading I want to share something I have noticed while doing experiments 1 and 2. I have discovered that my approach has been way too passive. For example I set the intention to receive an unexpected gift and then just got on with my life. 2 days later no gift had arrived. On the contrary – I experienced a setback in my relationship with my younger daughter. It wasn’t until I started actively looking for the gift that I found it – the gift was actually your blog post about the critical voices and not being able to fix the image in the mirror* on the mirror. *And when I think about it, I would not have identified with or appreciated this gift so much had I not had the experience with my daughter…

    However, to get back to my main point. I discovered the importance of attention to the experiments. With experiment 2 the same thing happened. I saw neither sunset beige cars nor butterflies (of any color) for days, until I realized that I wasn’t really looking for them. When I applied myself – changing the vehicle color to forrest (or any shade of) green I saw, during my one hour commute home from a night shift, 15 green vehicles . busses, cars, tractors, of various shades but also forrest green, as well as 3 sunset beige cars. Another couple of days went by (I had changed my search from butterflies to feathers) and I didn’t see any – until suddenly as I was hanging up laundry there was a tiny brown feather stuck to one of my t-shirts. My take home message from experiment 1 and 2 is: you really have to look. The gifts are there, the thing you are wanting to see is there – but* you don’t see them if you’re not looking!*

    Thank you so much for your books and especially your blog which provides a daily injection of magic. And inspired by you, I have embarked upon a study of A course in Miracles!

    love Gudrun

  10. Aww yeah!!
    I remember the relief…I was standing at the mirror, splashing water on my face and I said something to myself about wanting to not have to worry about money…then I realized, I don’t “have to” worry about it…it’s a choice to worry about it.

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