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The world is your dance floor or why this weekend is destined to be the best weekend of your life

“I am abundant, proud, generous, unafraid, willing, welcoming, just as I am.”—Grace Bell
zabat mindful selfie
I LOVE all the E-Cubed selfies that are coming in. It’s so exciting to see everyone’s vision for a new 2015.
The one featured here is photoshopped from Marcella from Italy who wants to meet Jon Kabat-Zinn.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m incredibly blessed, so spectacularly lucky because I get reminders every single day about how bountiful the universe is. I get emails from readers who tell me their amazing stories.

Here are just a couple that have come in over the past few days:

From Fleur:

“My girlfriend told me about your first book but my local bookstore only had your new book so I google E2 vs E3 and watched only one video which was a minute long of an American man saying in the first book you do experiments where you for example say you’re going to see red Cadillacs and I had a fleeting thought of “well you wouldn’t say that here in Australia because we don’t have Cadillacs” then went on with my day.

“The next day I sat down and asked the universe to send me a sign that my visualizations were indeed in the making. I asked for a sign over the weekend that would leave me no doubt that it was from the Universe,

“Well about 30 minutes later I looked out the window and there stopped in front of our house was a blue Cadillac! Left hand drive and all! He then backed up into our neighbours driveway. I actually went out side to check I wasn’t imagining it.

“What makes this even more awesome is that we live in a gated community..at the end of a cul de sac! I see a maximum of about 5 cars a day and I know 4 out of 5 of those!

“It REALLY made me laugh 🙂 And believe.”

From Joe:

Hi! Just letting you know that within less than 12 hours of me purchasing E2 and trying out the first experiment, I stumbled across the answer to a question I have been trying to discover for over a year. Truly amazed. Can’t wait to delve deeper! “

From Alissa:

“I have a bone to pick with you!…. Your book got me pregnant!… By page 40!

“I just got esquared and tried the first experiment the first day I got the book. So, experiment one, I asked for an unmistakable unexpected blessing within 48 hours. This is Wednesday, 1.30pm, so my deadline is Friday 16th January 1.30pm (today)Ha ha!! This is so funny.

“So as soon i as start reading the book I start to radiate light, love and happiness for the first time in several months. It caused an end to my gloom and I really started feeling positive. I walk down the street literally beaming from one ear to the next, a bit excited about my surprise. That night I pick up the newspaper and go to the car section to pull it out to cover the table with so my daughter can paint- what does it say on the cover page? In huge letters? Feeling positive. I laugh out loud and feel grateful for this affirmation.

“The next day I get a voicemail from my partner with a beautiful heartfelt message telling me he loves me and thinks I’m an amazing mother. So I think, ok, I’ve had a lovely affirmation and that is certainly an unexpected blessing (my partner rarely leaves messages like that and is a lot more hands than heart normally). But part of me thinks maybe there might be something more to come by Friday. It gets to Friday. I check the mail, check my phone, check my emails….nope, no unexpected blessings there.

“My period is late (but only by one day) my boobs are sore, I’m feeling nauseous. The possibility of being pregnant seems as likely in my mind as snow falling during a fiery summer heat wave ….my partner and I have only had sex twice in the last three weeks… and we used contraception. I think about it…An unexpected blessing… Hmmm… I decide it’s crazy but I will get a pregnancy test and decide to wait till my partner gets home so we can do it together. I go out to the shops, get the test and come home. And guess what? We cannot believe our eyes… It’s positive! And guess what time it is? To.the.minute…1.30pm Friday 16th January.

“It has been my hearts desire to have another child for years but after a failed pregnancy we have been waiting for the perfect time. Which, it seems God has chosen is now! “

And since it’s Friday, it’s time for another video. Have the best weekend of your life. And remember, it better have dancing.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic

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  1. Hi Pam.

    I’d love to send you several stories, but I don’t know if this is your email address.

    I love you so much, you’re changing my life for the best every minute.

    Thank you so much!

    Please tell me if I can write to this address.

    Nelly from Buenos Aires

    1. Nelly from Buenos Aires,

      I want to come visit you. I really want to go to Buenos Aires. But anyway, this is my email. Send it here, my friend. Can’t wait to hear your incredible stories.

  2. I just started the E Squared experiments and the first one left me feeling high for 2 days and every time I thought about it I got so excited. It was SO MUCH fun!

    I asked for a sign, message, gift that I would recognize and know was just for me. On day 2 after asking, my son had gotten sick at school, so on my way home a car pulled in front of me and I noticed that it’s license plate said, “cybermn”. Cybermen are Dr. Who villains and I am a huge Dr. Who fan. So, I’m thinking to myself that this person must be a Dr. Who fan as well. Another car pulls in front of me and, yes, it’s license plate said “Dr Who”. I felt this “click” inside of me, I knew, I was certain, I had just gotten my sign!!!! I was so excited, I was jumping up and down in my seat, dancing in my car with joy and excitement. This was FUN!

    Because I was on a role and I felt like the universe/FP was talking to me, I asked for another sign before I finished my drive home. I should say I have a thing with hawks, I see them fly in front of my car, it’s as if they dare me to notice them and it is a big deal to see one on my drive home. That day I saw 4, within 15 minutes!

    I believe! 🙂

    1. I can’t NOT believe. I have so much evidence. And I almost laugh when people feel they’re all alone and not being guided and blessed at every moment in their life. It’s startling, really.

  3. Dear Pam,

    I enjoyed reading E-2 so much! I only did a few of the experiments. A couple worked to my amazement and one did not. Honestly the one failed experiment kind of dejected me. But your book is always in the back of my head, every so often, I think of your book. One of the things I took away from one of your articles (I don’t recall off hand where I saw the suggestion but I don’t believe its in your book), but you suggested looking at the job ads, and sending a resume’ to the HR dept with the reason why I’d want that particular job, even though I may not have the credentials for it…. this struck me as very intuitive. What’s the worse that can happen?? I can get a reject letter! So what!! I already have a job. So I like thinking outside the box!

    Which brings me to my questions:

    What am I to make of the experiment which didn’t work?? How to handle disappointments? How to read situations? I know about looking for that silver lining in the face of opposition and difficulty. Sometimes this is hard! I’m finding out that I’m having trouble dreaming BIG… this is in itself is quite surprising to me…

    btw, I LOVE Newport, Rhode Island. I have a membership for the Preservations of the Mansions and it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. I can’t wait to visit Newport this spring. And so, I’m sorry that I missed your seminar. It sounds as if you had a fabulous time!

    Keep those positive stories and experiences coming! I look forward to them.

    Thank you. Have a great day!

    Warm regards, Stephanie

    1. If one of the experiments didn’t work, look at it as a door to your greater good. It’s a door leading you to a place where you can give love.

    1. Hi Mandy,

      You can send it to my email (see the contact page on my website) or tweet it to me. Or really any which way. I’m completely open and I’ve been taking submissions every which way on earth.

      1. I have no cell phone to transfer anything to you and I do not have the download cords to transfer from a digital camera.
        So really all I can do is take an old pic from my computer and write my intent or what I would like under it and email it…the only thing is..it is not a selfie.

  4. You are a blessing! And I have no real idea of all that the weekend will bring–BUT I WILL BE DANCING!!

  5. I received your book in December of 2013. I was expected to see a butterfly the next day. We were getting 10 inches of snow the next day. I asked my husband how was I to see a butterfly in snow. Well I did. My first email the next day was of a beautiful butterfly. I have seen a butterfly everyday since. Thank you . I just got E 3 and can’t wait to start it. Thank you again.

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