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It’s time to accept the world’s boundless love.

“It’s the inner world that needs adjusting, tweaking and plucking when the outer world fails to please.”—Mike Dooley

I’m a travel writer and often end up confronting customs and laws different than my own. In Singapore, for example, it’s illegal to hug in public. In Cannes, you can be arrested for wearing a Jerry Lewis mask. I’ve also heard of some pretty weird laws in my own country. In Devon, Texas, I’m told, it’s illegal to make furniture in the nude. Darn that, Devon, Texas.

We might get a chuckle out of these (and let me just add that I don’t plan to pack my Jerry Lewis mask my next trip to Cannes), but more than these “laws,” we are also at the mercy of arbitrary laws we’ve imposed in our own heads. Laws such as “life is a struggle,” “I have to do everything myself,” “It’s me against the world.”

The bad news is that whatever “laws” you believe in are activated in your life, creating a personal reality that reflects those beliefs. The good, shout-it-from-the-rooftops news is that you can rewrite the laws operating in your life by simply changing your beliefs.

Like the yogini whose practice is stretching muscles, my full-time practice is stretching my beliefs, changing the limiting laws that my darned ego keeps sending memos about.

Here are just a few laws I’ve written on the books of my life:

1. The world is abundant and unlimited

2. Everything always works out for me.

3. Money is just energy and easy to come by.

4. By following my heart, I can lead a life of purpose and meaning and big-ass joy.

5. The more love I give, the more I receive.

6. Actually the more of anything I give, the more I receive.

Tell me in the comments below a new belief you’re ready to sign into law.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. If I don’t start getting along with FP, I’m gonna have to spend a lot of time in the Sad seat!

  2. Well, this is actually from Louise Hay, but one of mine is “Everything is working out for my highest good.”

  3. At every moment we are the every-thing and no-thing! … timeless, having always been and will be. -sparking up what’s real.. the reality of infinity! 🙂

  4. I have not re written any laws after reading this but I can tell you that the new law is going to have “big ass joy” involved in it!!!

  5. Love you Pam Grout! Love love love my life. I have gone from poor to making a lot of money doing my bliss, excited where before there was fear, profoundly happy where before I was in my head listening to the constant yak yak yak of my ego….all with the help of people like you, Abe Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Campbell…you all helped me change my life. Thank you.Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Patricia, can I ask what steps you took to achieve where you are now? Did you meditate, follow any daily ritual? I very much want to get where you are!!

  6. Aristotle’s Parallel:
    We are what we repeatedly do. “Happiness” then is not an act, but a habit 🙂

  7. Every time I get a note from you, I embrace my life a little bit more. Sometimes a lot more! Thank you for opening doors. I’ve been really good at manifesting wonderful places to live. I’m ready to do the same with money. Thanks for#3.

  8. I am always surrounded by fabulous and kind-hearted people.

    By being committed to my joyful state, I am always happy and successful in whatever I do!

    Always,always. Thank you,Pam.You inspire me every moment!

  9. My Newest law:
    My house is self cleaning, self maintained and self rejuvenating. Everyone in my family is a neat-nick by nature, including me…don’t laugh it’s actually working 🙂

  10. My new belief: I don’t have to get stressed to get things done.

    To tweak that a little: “I am calm, confident, authentic, getting better all the time, unhindered, totally supported by the Universe, and having fun each step of the way.”

    Thanks Pam, loved the Buddha quote and your message!

  11. I have everything I need to succeed!
    Truly, everything always does work out for me just great~
    Thanks, Pam!

  12. No matter my age, my body is strong healthy and flexible.
    Money always comes to me, easily and effortlessly.

  13. I just wake up every morning and create my day by saying “THANK YOU” for two minutes straight and AMAZING stuff shows up that I have to be thankful for!!!!!!!!!! LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!!!

  14. Be grateful…for everything.
    Be happy…positive…the universe has your back!

    Working on Ecubed right now.

    Hugs Pam!

  15. I have easy and effortless wealth, abundance, affluence and JOY!
    And, loving you and being loved by you is the purpose of my life.
    Amen and THANK YOU, Pam, for giving me the opportunity to say this to a big big listening! AHO and Amen💚

  16. New law. .. Never say I should or have to do something. Instead say ” It would be good to do this thing.”

  17. Everything always works out! Everything! Always always always!!!
    I LOVE MY LIFE! (Fun if said as loud as u want daily)
    Life is expansive … There’s plenty for everybody … Enjoy it all … The whole journey
    I have an open heart and an open mind 🙂

  18. I never cease to be inspired, not only by Pam Grout but by the people who contribute to this website. I am grateful for all of you and life is good!!!!

  19. You, just as you are right now, are perfect and complete, lacking in nothing! The entire world has embraced this truth and is transforming every instant as a result.

  20. Don’t block your own highway!
    If I am resisting it, I probably should be doing it!
    And my favorite from Pam: “The Dude Abides!”
    Open the door and go in!

  21. “I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. I have abundance in all of the good things of life. Goodness, mercy, healing and protection are with me and my loved ones all of our blessed long lives”

  22. Pam I’m a huge fan of yours…maybe you’ve felt all my mental and verbal praise I give you?? because there has been a lot! 😉 I’m so excited to finally tell you! Your wit and depth brightens so many of my days, as well as challenges me to expand my mind, heart and “zany bone” 😉 Thank you!! And I especially enjoyed this blog!! Totally a great example of what I’m talking about. Ok the new beliefs I am ready to sign into law are Appreciation and thoughtfulness abound…Joy is plentiful…Laughter and love fills up my space…There is plenty of time for everything I need or want to do (Louise Hay)…I use my talents and easily make an abundant income.

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