No website about me could be complete without mentioning my beautiful, brown-eyed daughter, Tasman. She was named after the sea between Australia and New Zealand and, while some people have been known to use the opposite description, I like to call her the Tasmanian Angel. She often travels with me (at 15, she’s been to more countries than most adults I know), she was a cover girl before she turned 3 and she beats me at practically every game we play except Scrabble—and that, unfortunately, is only a matter of time. She’s going into (gulp) high school next year, she has her own travel column (well, we sorta write it together) and she’s an amazing pianist. 

She has her own business card and the following nicknames:

** Tazmo

** Razz-a-ma-Tazz

** Tas–MAN (with the accent on the second syllable)

** Rooskers

** Tazeroo

** Mosky

** The aforementioned Great Tazini

** The aforementioned Tasmanian Angel

** Zuchinninni

Check out these links to her travel articles.

Hiking Peterson Lake, Juneau Alaska

My trip to the Dancing Rabbit ecovillage

A real working ranch


Here we are on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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