Do your beliefs provide the circuitry for your greatest good?

“Hard is relative.”–Shonda Rhimes I’m more or less illiterate when it comes to anything electrical. I know what a plug looks like and I know how to attach it to a wall socket. Beyond that, I draw a blank. But there’s a device used in electronics that provides a good metaphor for understanding why some […]

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Be recklessly generous and relentlessly kind

“It’s not our job to play judge and jury, to determine who is worthy of our kindness and who is not. We just need to be kind, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, even – or rather, especially – when we’d prefer not to be.”–Josh Radnor Left to its own devices, the human mind is quick […]

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Harry Potter, Carlos Santana and why it matters what you put into your crockpot

“Don’t wish for elephants unless you own a zoo.” —Muppet Babies I just returned from a fabulous press trip to Virginia and Washington D.C. I hiked beside the Potomac, visited two inspiring wineries, one of which was owned by former CIA spies and stayed in a brand new art hotel whose first guest (I missed […]

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Abundance is in our consciousness waiting for our us to withdraw

“How beautiful can life be? We hardly dare imagine it.” ― Charles Eisenstein As most of you regulars know, I just completed my next book. It’s about how getting on the frequency of gratitude and joy creates abundance of all kinds. Financial capital is, of course, part of the equation, but it’s not the biggest […]

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The World Series, the Royals and why every game is YOUR game

“We found the magic.”—Eric Hosmer, Kansas City Royals first baseman Terrance McKenna, the consciousness guru often described as the Timothy Leary of the 90’s, used to say, “Find the others.” What he meant was find your tribe, your people, the others who hear the dog whistle. I’m happy to report there’s a whole crew of […]

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Your manufactor’s setting is the Divine.

“Jesus was the only son of God. And so are you and so am I.”—William Blake In electronics, there’s a term known as factory reset—or master reset—where your device is returned to its original setting. All the information that has been added since say your laptop or your I-pad rolled off the factory floor is […]

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Prosperity is a decision we get to make

“Everything you need is deep within you. Upon your request, upon your insistence, upon your need and stating that need, stating your intention, it will arise.”—Michele Longo-O’Donnell Like everyone else on the planet, I learned ages ago that opportunities for pain and suffering are always going to be available and that if I was going […]

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One more deep, happy mystery just proved by physicists at Delft University

“‘I should’, ‘I shouldn’t’, ‘you should’, ‘you shouldn’t’, ‘I want’, ‘I need’–these unquestioned thoughts distort the appearance of the good that is as common as grass. Reality won’t wait for your consent. It will remain just as it is, pure goodness, whether or not you understand.” –Byron Katie Don’t know if you saw yesterday’s New […]

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Why you should smile more, play more and live full-time in your heart

“The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.”–Storm Jameson When asked the secret to life, Thich Nhat Hahn, the amazing Vietnamese Buddhist monk, said, “Get up later in the morning and smile more.” What? Isn’t that the exact opposite of everything we’ve been taught? The early bird gets the […]

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Peek-a-boo. I be you. The secret to real-time manifestation.

“The second I decide something is done, it’s done. I just have to wait for all y’all to see it.”—Will Smith Or in my case, I have to wait for myself to see it. The minute I make an intention, it’s real, it’s a viable creation. But until I can feel it and actually “be […]

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